The NEXT American Dream

Respect for God, a connection to the earth, and the spirit of entrepreneurship used to be the default in America.

In many ways we’ve lost our compass and our way, but we know in our hearts that there are many Americans that want to redefine success and our means of achieving it.

We believe that we're all accountable to God to use our talent, energy, and resources to prosper by contributing to our fellow man.

We believe that an entrepreneurial life of service is the best way to realize true freedom.

It’s ironic though..

The United States of America was founded as a place where everyone is free to write their own script and pursue happiness, yet as a society we’ve delegated far too much control of our scripts to schools, businesses, government, and media manipulation.  

If we keep lowering the bar of accountability and acceptability at home, at work, and in positions of leadership, America will fail.

“We the people” must redefine success and the path to achieving it before it’s too late.

To do this we need better role models

We need entrepreneurial leaders who profit not by trying to force others to accept their agenda but by dedicating their personal and professional lives to serving others.

We need a special breed of entrepreneurial pioneers that we call Heropreneurs

The more heropreneurial we become, the more success, satisfaction, and freedom we experience.

We call thisThe Next American Dream

A nation that pursues the next American dream will realize that there is plenty to go around and won't succumb to envy and greed.

A nation that pursues the next American dream will experience prosperity, purpose, and pride.

A nation that pursues the Next American Dream will become great again.

This dream can’t be bought or legislated, it can only be earned through service to each other.

The aim of The Next American Dream is to redefine the path to success not as profitable schemes, but as profitable service.

Service shouldn’t just be something that soldiers and first responders do.

Service should be EVERYONE’S job.

While many are consumed with bandaids and blaming, we want to ask a new question;

 “What would happen if entrepreneurial service became the new normal in America?"

We intend to bring back the warrior ethos of the American founders and our uniformed heroes, and weld it to entrepreneurship.

We’d like to show you more about what we mean, and how you can become a heropreneur that makes America Great Again.

You can start by taking the Next American Dream challenge.

Remember, freedom isn’t free and heroes never wait, download the Next American Dream Challenge right now and subscribe to The Next American Dream podcast