4 parts of BEING: WHY? (2/5)

It's time to break down the first phase of BEING into its 4 parts, starting with WHY. Tune in and watch as I guide you away from the last American dream and into the NEXT American Dream, in this thirty-ninth episode of TNAD.

Finding your WHY EXERCISE

Greetings HEROpreneur apprentices,

I promised an exercise to help you find your WHY. Before we begin with that, I want to help you properly set expectations. Our WHY's aren’t some mysterious thing that some people have, and others don’t. We are ALL, ALREADY, living according to our WHY to some degree, even though it is likely vague or perhaps mostly unconscious. The key to living our WHY is to get more and more clear about what it is and to align ALL of our actions more and more consistently with it.

Remember, our WHY is our fuel, it’s that ‘wrong’ that we feel must be made ‘right.’ The truth is that we will probably never totally succeed in making it ‘right,’ but that’s not the point. The point is that it is that area that we feel strongly enough about that will fuel us to push past resistance and persevere.

Remember as well that The NEXT American Dream is a feeling, a feeling of being competent and satisfied in our work. A feeling of being connected to others, a feeling that what we’re focused on has meaning beyond just ourselves, and a feeling of hope about the future.

And the prize is true freedom; the ability to have greater choice in what we do, who we do it for, where we do it, when we do it and why we do it. And of course, all of this, when well packaged and implemented leads to prosperity for ourselves and others. That’s the point of life, that’s what we’re all here for.

It is impossible to be a HEROpreneur, to dedicate ourselves to service to others, without a personally meaningful and clear WHY, so let’s get started on finding and honing yours.

The following exercises are like steps in solving a mystery. We’re going to approach the same quest from some different angles, almost as if we were questioning eye witnesses to solve a crime.

Step 1 - Using a journal, contemplate your answers to the following questions;

1. How do you fill your space?
2. How do you spend your time?
3. How do you spend your energy?
4. How do you spend your money?
5. Where are you most organized?
6. Where are you most disciplined?
7. What do you frequently think about?
8. What do you frequently visualize?
9. What do you talk to yourself about?
10. What do you talk to other people about?
11. What inspires you?
12. What are your goals?

Step 2 - Look through your answers and ask yourself “Why are these things important to me?” You may want to ask this question a few times.

Step 3 - Look through your answers looking for commonalities or a pattern. Keep in mind that your WHY is a concern about something. Make a list of no more than 3-5 possible concerns.

Step 4 - Consolidate your list down to the concern that is MOST important to you.

You now have your base WHY. I call it your base WHY because as you go back to your life, you will begin to view everything through the lens of your base WHY. How frequently do you see it coming up? How does it make you feel? How is it changing your decision making? What aspects of your life support your WHY? What aspects are inconsistent with your WHY?

For now, don’t worry about how this WHY will fit into your HERObrand, just continue to act like a scientist or investigator. Try to step back and notice where and how often you see this concern? Notice how it makes you feel? 

You have officially begun your HEROpreneurial journey.                       

Good Luck,

Toby LaVigne a.k,a. Camo Man

Guide and Outfitter for Hunters of The NEXT American Dream

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