4 parts of BEING: SELF (4/5)

We're breaking down the first phase of BEING into its 4 parts. Today we look at the third part, SELF. Tune in and watch as I guide you away from the last American dream and into the NEXT American Dream, in this forty-first episode of TNAD.

Greetings HEROpreneur Apprentices,

Ok, Self is a BIG subject. There are an incredible number of resources out there to guide toward greater health, fitness, mental function, and spiritual awareness. I know because I’ve an avid student and experimenter for over 3 decades. What follows is a list of some of my favorite resources in hopes that they’ll help you get started.


I’m putting nutrition first because I can’t think of any other one thing we can do to improve every other aspect of our life performance. PERIOD.  

I’ve tried it all when it comes to nutrition. When I was an endurance athlete in high school, college and beyond, carbs were king and fat was a no-no. It’s amazing how far we humans got off track with reality, but fortunately the truth about how our bodies are meant to operate is moving from the shadows and out into the mainstream.

Full disclosure - I’m a meat eater. I did in fact try a strict veggie diet many years ago. I felt awesome at first, and then I started shedding muscle and energy at an alarming rate. I tried veg protein powders, beans and more. It just didn’t work for me.

Over the past decade plus I adopted a more paleo diet and got rid of things like breads and pasta. That made a HUGE difference for me. Then that diet morphed into the Ketogenic diet which I now subscribe to. I’ve learned from a pile of experts, but if I was to make one single recommendation it would be Mark Sisson. Mark checks a few boxes for me. One, he’s an athlete and you can tell from his pictures that he walks his talk. To me, I’m not interested in taking advice from people that don’t look the part. Mark has written a new book with a friend of mine, Brad Kearns called the KETO RESET DIET which you can get at Amazon here. (goo.gl/yBShWE)

The Keto diet turns our bodies into fat burning machines that don’t have sugar crashes or the need to eat every 2 hours. On top of that, it can dramatically improve brain function and every biomarker for health and longevity you can think of. If you’re serious about having a great life, you’ve got to get your nutrition in order. Read more about it here. (goo.gl/kF3NjN)


Mark Twain said that “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it.” I think the same can be said for sleep. Sleep plays a huge role in how every aspect of our body performs.  

Here are some cardinal sleep laws that I believe in;

  • Make your room pitch black

  • Put your phone on airplane mode if it’s nearby

  • Don’t look at any screens 1 hour before going to sleep

  • Get out of bed when you wake up - that means you’re done

There are more, but these are some of the biggies.

Does talking about sleep sound too basic to you? Think again. 

T.S. Wiley’s book, Lights Out (goo.gl/ZwKo41) is an eye-opener. (pun intended)


I was a very serious endurance athlete. As in 12,000+ yards of swimming per week, 150-200+ miles of cycling, and 50+ miles of running. My typical training week took 15-20 hours not counting travel, set up, prep etc. It was a second full-time job. At the time I considered myself incredibly fit. Fast forward a decade or so and I found Crossfit which taught me a completely different definition of fitness. A definition that was much more well rounded, an approach that took a small fraction of the amount of time, and a result that was superior to my insane triathlon training schedule.

The truth is that the minimum effective dose for physical training, I mean the “mostest for the leas test” can be accomplished in an hour or less per week. LITERALLY. You can choose to do more because you desire to compete or to improve some sport-specific performance, but when it comes to being sharp, having high energy, being healthy, and living a long high-quality life, it simply doesn’t take that much.

So, you may be asking, “how do you recommend I workout Toby”?  

If I could only point you to ONE thing it would be HIIT training. High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT training can keep your muscle mass up and your heart and lungs extremely healthy.

Here is one of the more efficient prescriptions I know of; 1% Fitness by Mike Sheridan. (goo.gl/wRZVVf)


Brain fitness and performance, at least in certain circles, are being spoken about a lot like physical fitness. One of the people leading this charge is Dave Asprey, creator of the Bullet Proof brand, and it’s equally famous Bullet Proof Coffee.

When it comes to brain and body health, Dave may well be THE best one-stop resource. His podcast is chock full of pioneers on the cutting edge of the longevity movement. I’ve learned a ton from Dave and his guests. https://blog.bulletproof.com/category/podcasts


I have a coach that taught me to “ask my body, not my brain”. I believe that we are all immersed in a very powerful, wise natural force. You don’t have to be a trained meditative monk to do this, but you do have to lower the volume of distraction, slow down and breath.

We have a powerful internal compass, which is why it’s so vital to get the above items in order as well as the next step, simplicity. The most successful and satisfied humans act wisely and purposefully. This is hard to do when our mind, body, and environment are ‘noisy’ with distraction.

If you’ve tried meditating etc and failed, you may want to focus on getting your physical life (body and environment) under control to give yourself a better chance to tap into this invisible power.


Hey, if you want a great life you need your vehicle (that is your body) to carry your heart and your mind everywhere they need to go without pooping out and diminishing your output. And for most of you, you’re going to need to accomplish the most you can in the least amount of time possible so that you have room for the rest of your life.

You could scour the web and read 100’s of books as I have, or you can cut to the chase with a few high-quality resources listed above.

  • Read Mark’s book and do the Keto reset (goo.gl/yBShWE)

  • Fix your bedroom and your sleep routine (goo.gl/ZwKo41)

  • Listen to Dave Asprey’s podcast driving to and from work (goo.gl/Kk4SzR)

  • Read and implement 1% fitness (goo.gl/wRZVVf)

  • Notice how much more centered you are now able to be

And then email me at hero@tnad.us and let me know how you’re doing.

Happy Hunting,

Toby LaVigne

Guide and Outfitter for HEROpreneurs

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