What To Do When You Become Famous

When you find your self in your corner office on the top floor its time to reevaluate and switch the way you think. Watch now to claim your NEXT American Dream, in this sixty-ninth episode of The NEXT American Dream.

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What To Do When You Become Famous | The NEXT American Dream 069

[00:00:06] You know let's just say people didn't pursue the last American Dream they pursued. You know you got into a company like you had seen Toby talk about this commitment to contribution so you're all full of it you know what "I'm going to go and I'm just going to find out how can I serve you", right. I'm just going to be Jane or Johnny on the spot.

[00:00:24] I'm going to help you do what you need. Like how can I help you. I'm an eager beaver I'm new here. I want to make my mark I want to make a difference. And people are like "this Peter is awesome. He's getting stuff done everything I give him", right. So, next thing you know you find yourself in some office some position some set of responsibilities, and as Greg  M cKoewn is saying and that Essentialism book. It's like, now everybody's coming to you, and maybe you didn't think really strategically about exactly how you wanted to be seen.

[00:00:59] You just said yes to everything. And I think a lot of people suggest that that's a really good beginning start of a career. And I'm not saying it's the worst but I'm going to say that, for sure you'll become a victim of that kind of success. Because at some level you're going to be in overwhelm. Everybody's going to want a piece of you.

[00:01:18] And so at some point you're going to have to survey that and say OK from this new vantage point I'm no longer that that that green, um rookie. You know I'm starting to get kind of seasoned.

[00:01:35] I've earned the right to sort of choose a little bit to start to refine and say hey, and go back to that community. Say "look you have helped me become more successful and I really appreciate it. Here's what I've learned. I've learned these kinds of projects. I was the best at" and they're all going to go "You're right. That's true." "I got this done for you over here but I just don't feel like, I always felt like I was failing, letting you down. I just, it was hard for me to be really good at that." And they're like "yeah I can see that." "So here's what I'd like to ask from now. Give me these. Obviously I make the biggest impact in the organization, and for you, when I'm given these things."

[00:02:16] So now you're starting to focus because of what you've learned and you're going to go an inch wide and a mile deep. Instead of that mile wide inch deep that you probably began at. Right.

[00:02:27] So I agree with people when they say "in the beginning say yes to everything." I think that's, you're in the game. You're going to sample you're going to get experience right. And then learn "Oh that was my sweet spot", right.

[00:02:43] I mean going back to the bass fishing thing we were talking about earlier. Right. How do you find out where not to fish? Fish the whole damn lake. How do you find out what lure not to use? Use the wrong lure at the wrong time of year and get nothing. I mean that's how to learn.

[00:02:59] But over time you start to realize "these are my go to systems. Yeah I'm be open to improvements but these work. They put fish in the boat. Right. This elevates my identity. This works." So start a mile wide and an inch deep. Deliver. Do what you say you're going to do. And then learn from it, journal that weekly wins that we're always talking about and lets post that again with this right.

[00:03:29] You know I just I do that every week and then find your spot TNAD.us, go download the challenge and find your focus.