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45 Days: Hunt or starvE

They say humans can live three minutes without air, three days without water, and three months without food, but how long can we live without purpose?

CAN we truly live without purpose?

People round the world AGREE on one thing.

We all want to live long and prosper with those that we love, doing what we love.

When we look around we can clearly see that we are safer, better fed, and more connected than ever before.

So why are we so anxious, sick, mean, and even violent to ourselves and others?

Why are we acting like we’re in a literal struggle to stay alive, like we were starving?

Because we ARE starving. We’re starving for the vital feeling of purpose that eludes us.

But purpose can’t be found on the internet, or borrowed from the bank, or won at a casino, and it definitely cannot be delivered by a politician.

Purpose must be hunted for deep in the wilderness of our own hearts and souls and then given to others.

Then and only then can we truly live long and prosper as God intended.

So can we truly live without purpose?


You either hunt for it or you starve.

Hunting 4 Purpose: 45 Days of Hunt or Starve is about bringing attention to the true source of our suffering.

To make a mostly unconscious need for purpose, conscious.

To take purpose from the background and pull it into the foreground where it belongs.

To give words, examples, inspiration and guidance to THE true quest of our lives.

To heal our hearts, to heal our country and move closer to God.

For 45 days I’m going to take you with me as I hunt or starve in the wild.

We’re going to face the fears we all feel and learn how to overcome them.

We’re going to talk about what purpose is all about.

We’re going to hunt for our God given purpose.

And we’re going to come home victorious or die trying.

I invite you to follow my journey by tuning in on your favorite social channel;

Toby LaVigne

CEO CleanMark Labels

Guide and Outfitter: Hunters 4 Purpose