Gratitude: it must be Taught


Happy Veteran’s Day Veteran’s! 🇺🇲

Thank you for doing what most of us can’t or won’t do, so that we can live the way that we do. The service of Veterans and others is one of the things that we all should be most grateful for in America.

But gratitude isn’t natural, it must be taught.

From birth, it’s all about us, and unless someone takes the time to make sure we understand, we won’t. As evidence, I submit the behavior of the world’s most privileged youth - the college student.

Parents, if your kids aren’t grateful, look in the mirror.

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The Zone of Loser think


Too many people are parroting what they’ve heard from sources they ASS-U-ME are accurate and objective.

Where on earth was that approach ingrained? Oh, yeah…school.

Last night I helped our youngest daughter “study” for a quiz on the different types of galaxies, their attributes, and an example of each. Apparently, there are three of them and one is something called M49.

I’m sure of two things; she’ll get an “A” and her time was wasted. HOLY BEEEEP!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m fascinated by all kinds of different things and I’m grateful for the scientists etc. who bring us glimpses of what they’ve found. There is a place for this kind of exploration as it can open our world view.

But as soon as we start thinking that these esoteric facts are “education” we’ve entered the ZONE OF 'LOSER THINK'.

We have a giant population that literally can’t think critically, can’t solve problems…can’t even watch the news and sort out issues! This intellectual weakness makes us sitting ducks for propaganda.

It’s important to develop the courage and the ability to think critically.

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Do your Kids do this? Are you sure?

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 4.18.54 PM.png

Hunting 4 purpose: Manners Most of life is showing up and following through! These BASIC habits are so rare that possessing them is a MASSIVE differentiator.

What baffles me is how many parents are not INSISTING that their children develop them even as they complain about their absence in everyone else’s children!

If you’re sub 18, all adults should be referred to as Mr. and Miss (first or last name here) Say "thank you" and "no thank you” Show up early, stay late, do more than what was asked of you the MAJORITY of the time. Do what you say you will do.

Think about it, we choose who to work with (or not) based first and foremost on RELIABILITY and RESPECT. These DO NOT require a degree, yet more than 80% of college grads DO NOT have these simple skills.

You know how important they are, but are you SURE that your children and grandchildren practice them?

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One Hunters trash...


When you feel like your value is trash to some, remember... The beautiful thing about hunting 4 purpose, your purpose, is that you’re the only you.

There are people out there that badly need you, and you them.

Finding and honing your gifts, your perspective, into service for others is the treasure that someone else is dying to find.

Keep hunting friends, keep hunting… God Bless ~ Toby LaVigne, Guide and Outfitter: Hunting 4 Purpose

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What do you get up to do every day?

Life is far more a spiritual battle than an intellectual one.

We pretend it’s intellectual so that we can avoid the spiritual part, but it’s obvious today that that was a BIG mistake.

And it’s not “them”, it’s US.

It’s not “them” that screwed up college, government, business, family, community etc. It’s US. WE did it together, step by selfish step.

The antidote is to change WHY you get up each day…

God Bless, Toby LaVigne, Guide and Outfitter: Hunting 4 Purpose

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Everything Must be Tested...


The first American Dream was “pressurized” by a need to physically survive the rural US. The second American Dream was “pressurized” by a need to physically survive in suburban US.

However, the pressure to physically survive in suburban US is almost nonexistent.

Pressure gives us purpose. No pressure, no purpose. No purpose, no hope.

It’s time to recharge the American Dream. It’s time to tap into the ultimate pressure source - An accountability to God for our service to others.

It’s time to Hunt 4 (your) Purpose.

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How to play 'Merica: "What leftisim Can’t see


Some years ago I was taking my boat up the east coast back to my home in NH when I stopped in NYC. Coming into the harbor and passing lady Liberty at sunset gave me chills.

Can you imagine what that was like for your ancestors?

That iconic statue represents the American Ideal. The creation of anything, including an Ideal like America must begin with some basic assumptions.

The Founders of America created our “United States” with a belief that we serve a divine creator. Mankind reports to God first, not government. They made this assumption based on historical evidence and logic.

1 - Freedom requires a belief in inalienable rights. 2 - If those rights come from man (government), they can be taken away. 3 - When rights come from government, that massive power is eventually abused, and mass suffering ALWAYS follows. What leftism can’t see is that the only freedom available here on earth comes from God.

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Y'aint done nothing if you...


Don’t you just love it when people stop half way?

Me neither.

Nothing is more frustrating than the halfbutt work ethic that slackers everywhere are trying to make the new normal. I’m not perfect, but I’m not going to join them.

I keep hearing how competitive everything is… YET, at the very same time I am observing massive amounts of mediocrity (and worse).

People may prefer doing less, but NO ONE likes receiving less.

Hunters of purpose don’t ask, “What’s the minimum I can get away with?” They ask, “How can I make someone’s day by delivering an unexpected upside surprise?"

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How To Demonstrate Courage and Selflessness


Jake asked me, "Toby, how would you suggest we start demonstrating courage and selflessness? What are you doing that you feel makes you part of the solution?"

These are two great questions with answers that are sadly not "obvious" in this day and age.

Before I dive into some answers, a little background;

Thanks to the literal blood, sweat, and tears of our courageous and selfless ancestors, we now have resources and opportunities that were unimaginable just 50 years ago.

Courage + Selflessness = freedom.

Today most people are struggling with anxiety and more. They've become trapped by a definition of success that promotes the pursuit of pleasure for the self.

So, Jake asks, "How can we start demonstrating courage and selflessness?"

We should start at work. Whether you own a business or work within one, you have a choice. You can focus your efforts on getting sales and getting a paycheck for YOU.


You can focus on serving others (selflessness) and have faith (courage) that what you need will come as a result of your contributions.

Decades of ease have caused our muscles of selflessness and courage to atrophy, and that weakness is what is tearing our society apart.

Jake also asked, "What are you doing that you feel makes you part of the solution?"

I'm writing articles like this one. I started Hunting 4 Purpose to create a movement to redefine success from "getting" to "giving" as God calls us to do.

My wife and I homeschool our daughters to help them build selflessness and courage.

I lead a company of 100+ and have gone to great lengths to shift our marketing, our sales, and our internal culture from management to leadership.

I am doing everything I can to unschool myself from the wrong definition of success to the right one.

I'm certainly not perfect, but I know that God put me here with a purpose, and that purpose is to help other people live their purpose.

And the purpose that we all share is to serve others.

Jake, I hope this helps answer your question.

God Bless,

Toby LaVigne, Guide and Outfitter: Hunting 4 Purpose

What Divides America?


Have you ever heard of the “Gap”? Everyone should know about it.

Real quick, here’s how it goes...

Picture the horizon; where the sky meets the land or the sea. That place where they meet doesn’t really exist. We can’t go there because it goes on for infinity. 

It’s an IDEAL.

Now imagine that you’re at point “ B” looking backward towards point “A”. Notice what you’ve accomplished by moving from “A” to “B”. 

Feels good right? 

Ok, now look forward from point “B" and notice how impossibly far you are from "ideal”. 

Doesn’t feel so good, does it?

America is an ideal that we’ve been pursuing for almost 250 years, and man have we come a looooonnnnnnggg way! I don’t know what letter we’re on, but there have been too many breakthroughs to count.

Conservatives get that America is a wonderful ideal, built on a foundation of unchangeable human truths that must be accepted and obeyed. 

That’s why we want to CONSERVE them!

An essential element of the American ideal is that we are supposed to agree that we are a nation under God. Meaning, we are accountable to a power greater than a man or man's governments.

Conservatism is about conserving the American ideal for the sake of creating the freest place with the greatest opportunity for all. 

Conservatives understand that this is the ONLY way, as all other ways have to led to tyranny, poverty, and unspeakable human cruelty.

Conservatives measure progress from where we were “yesterday” to where we are today. Still infinitely far from ideal, but forward…always forward. 

This is how America became the safest, least racist land of the most opportunity…for all...anywhere on earth…at any time in history.

Progressives, on the other hand, are measuring progress by comparing where we are today to an impossible ideal. It makes them miserable and prone to abandoning the essential American recipe.

It blinds them to the love and opportunity that exist.

It enslaves them to an imaginary prison.

And it makes them feel so desperate that they lash out at symptoms, lose objectivity, and clamor for limitless control.

They are literally willing to trade freedom for an illusion of security, and the fantasy of universal fairness.

This difference is what divides us as a nation.

This difference is about belief. 

Beliefs dictate the actions we take and in turn the results we get.

The reason we can’t have a reasonable conversation about actions, political or otherwise, is that we are coming from two irreconcilable beliefs.

Your taxes, as well as the contributions you may have made to your college or university, etc have ingrained the belief that all things should be compared to an “ideal”.

This is literally a recipe for mental disease.

It’s a recipe for marriage failure, family failure, business and career failure, governmental and political failure…you name it…this belief will lead you to failure and misery.

You may not be able to cure society of this mental derangement, but you can cure yourself.

Track your progress, be grateful, help others succeed.

If we spend more time doing this we could progress faster and further.

If you’re grateful, share this post…for the sake of America, her children, and her future!

God, Bless

Toby LaVigne - Guide and Outfitter - Hunting 4 Purpose

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What do these have in common?


They both make snowflakes. Snowflake - a slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions.

When the going gets tough, and it always does, do you know who loses?

Answer: The emotionally weak. The only way to FEEL purposeful is to BE purposeful. And BEING purposeful is not for sissies.

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The tyranny of ease and the 3%ers


Are you a part of the problem or a part of the solution? It is a rough estimate that only 3% of the American colonists were actively fighting in the field against the British forces. “3%” defeated the tyranny of slavery. “3%” defeated tyranny in WWII.

What might your life be like today if selfishness and cowardice prevailed?

Today we face a tyranny that humankind has never faced before. The Tyranny of ease. How is EASE cruel or oppressive you ask?

Ease made us weak and selfish; at home, in business, in our neighborhoods, with our children and in our politics. Our lack of discipline and courage created a weak society that starves for hope, a media that will sell its country for a dollar, and politicians that dream of controlling our lives.

What will happen to America if 3% of us don’t start demonstrating courage and selflessness today? Will tyranny overtake us? Or will we redefine success and demonstrate it with selfless actions at work and at home?

Weak people attract tyrants, strong people repel them.

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What is the real American threat?


America has faced and defeated tyranny numerous times, the greatest of which were: The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and WWII.

Once we understood the threat, we rallied as a nation to defeat it at all costs.

I’m not predicting war, but I am saying this; 1 - Until we get clear about the true enemy, our division will intensify. 2 - The LEFT is not the enemy, they are a symptom.

I don’t like LEFTISM any more than I like a rash, but protesting symptoms doesn’t solve the root cause.

But it’s easier to slather on creams, ingest pills, and apply bandaids than it is to face a root cause. Especially when the root cause is our own broken definition of success and our own broken (selfish) means of achieving it.

“We have met the enemy, and they are us.”

Are you ready for The NEXT American Dream?

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Your purpose hits a target...


Too many young men and women are falling for the college lie. It’s a pyramid scheme that tells everyone that their diploma will guarantee them a seat at the top.

Colleges are cranking out narrow-minded commodity cogs. College grads are a dime a dozen.

If you want to be truly successful go to the University of You. Learn how YOU work, learn why YOU are here, learn how to serve others by being YOU.

This is where freedom truly lies.

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