Do you want to be defined by your failures or your successes?


America’s favorite pastime seems to be changing from bashing a baseball to bashing the USA.

No one wants to be on the “losing team”, so what’s the payoff for bashing the country that gives you the freedom to bash it?

This isn’t a simple question of patriotism. It’s a question of mental health. When a person sees more negatives than positives they’ve lost hope. And without hope you’ll see depression and violence to self and others.

Make sure that your children learn to develop a clear picture of where they have truly progressed and what they can and must do to keep gaining ground and maintaining faith.

Adults who learn this simple skill develop a positive addiction to productive accomplishment for the sake of others.

What do you call a country that does this better than any other? That’s right,


And that’s why we ask God to bless her.

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