Do your Kids do this? Are you sure?

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Hunting 4 purpose: Manners Most of life is showing up and following through! These BASIC habits are so rare that possessing them is a MASSIVE differentiator.

What baffles me is how many parents are not INSISTING that their children develop them even as they complain about their absence in everyone else’s children!

If you’re sub 18, all adults should be referred to as Mr. and Miss (first or last name here) Say "thank you" and "no thank you” Show up early, stay late, do more than what was asked of you the MAJORITY of the time. Do what you say you will do.

Think about it, we choose who to work with (or not) based first and foremost on RELIABILITY and RESPECT. These DO NOT require a degree, yet more than 80% of college grads DO NOT have these simple skills.

You know how important they are, but are you SURE that your children and grandchildren practice them?

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