How To Demonstrate Courage and Selflessness


Jake asked me, "Toby, how would you suggest we start demonstrating courage and selflessness? What are you doing that you feel makes you part of the solution?"

These are two great questions with answers that are sadly not "obvious" in this day and age.

Before I dive into some answers, a little background;

Thanks to the literal blood, sweat, and tears of our courageous and selfless ancestors, we now have resources and opportunities that were unimaginable just 50 years ago.

Courage + Selflessness = freedom.

Today most people are struggling with anxiety and more. They've become trapped by a definition of success that promotes the pursuit of pleasure for the self.

So, Jake asks, "How can we start demonstrating courage and selflessness?"

We should start at work. Whether you own a business or work within one, you have a choice. You can focus your efforts on getting sales and getting a paycheck for YOU.


You can focus on serving others (selflessness) and have faith (courage) that what you need will come as a result of your contributions.

Decades of ease have caused our muscles of selflessness and courage to atrophy, and that weakness is what is tearing our society apart.

Jake also asked, "What are you doing that you feel makes you part of the solution?"

I'm writing articles like this one. I started Hunting 4 Purpose to create a movement to redefine success from "getting" to "giving" as God calls us to do.

My wife and I homeschool our daughters to help them build selflessness and courage.

I lead a company of 100+ and have gone to great lengths to shift our marketing, our sales, and our internal culture from management to leadership.

I am doing everything I can to unschool myself from the wrong definition of success to the right one.

I'm certainly not perfect, but I know that God put me here with a purpose, and that purpose is to help other people live their purpose.

And the purpose that we all share is to serve others.

Jake, I hope this helps answer your question.

God Bless,

Toby LaVigne, Guide and Outfitter: Hunting 4 Purpose