How to play 'Merica: "What leftisim Can’t see


Some years ago I was taking my boat up the east coast back to my home in NH when I stopped in NYC. Coming into the harbor and passing lady Liberty at sunset gave me chills.

Can you imagine what that was like for your ancestors?

That iconic statue represents the American Ideal. The creation of anything, including an Ideal like America must begin with some basic assumptions.

The Founders of America created our “United States” with a belief that we serve a divine creator. Mankind reports to God first, not government. They made this assumption based on historical evidence and logic.

1 - Freedom requires a belief in inalienable rights. 2 - If those rights come from man (government), they can be taken away. 3 - When rights come from government, that massive power is eventually abused, and mass suffering ALWAYS follows. What leftism can’t see is that the only freedom available here on earth comes from God.

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