What Divides America?


Have you ever heard of the “Gap”? Everyone should know about it.

Real quick, here’s how it goes...

Picture the horizon; where the sky meets the land or the sea. That place where they meet doesn’t really exist. We can’t go there because it goes on for infinity. 

It’s an IDEAL.

Now imagine that you’re at point “ B” looking backward towards point “A”. Notice what you’ve accomplished by moving from “A” to “B”. 

Feels good right? 

Ok, now look forward from point “B" and notice how impossibly far you are from "ideal”. 

Doesn’t feel so good, does it?

America is an ideal that we’ve been pursuing for almost 250 years, and man have we come a looooonnnnnnggg way! I don’t know what letter we’re on, but there have been too many breakthroughs to count.

Conservatives get that America is a wonderful ideal, built on a foundation of unchangeable human truths that must be accepted and obeyed. 

That’s why we want to CONSERVE them!

An essential element of the American ideal is that we are supposed to agree that we are a nation under God. Meaning, we are accountable to a power greater than a man or man's governments.

Conservatism is about conserving the American ideal for the sake of creating the freest place with the greatest opportunity for all. 

Conservatives understand that this is the ONLY way, as all other ways have to led to tyranny, poverty, and unspeakable human cruelty.

Conservatives measure progress from where we were “yesterday” to where we are today. Still infinitely far from ideal, but forward…always forward. 

This is how America became the safest, least racist land of the most opportunity…for all...anywhere on earth…at any time in history.

Progressives, on the other hand, are measuring progress by comparing where we are today to an impossible ideal. It makes them miserable and prone to abandoning the essential American recipe.

It blinds them to the love and opportunity that exist.

It enslaves them to an imaginary prison.

And it makes them feel so desperate that they lash out at symptoms, lose objectivity, and clamor for limitless control.

They are literally willing to trade freedom for an illusion of security, and the fantasy of universal fairness.

This difference is what divides us as a nation.

This difference is about belief. 

Beliefs dictate the actions we take and in turn the results we get.

The reason we can’t have a reasonable conversation about actions, political or otherwise, is that we are coming from two irreconcilable beliefs.

Your taxes, as well as the contributions you may have made to your college or university, etc have ingrained the belief that all things should be compared to an “ideal”.

This is literally a recipe for mental disease.

It’s a recipe for marriage failure, family failure, business and career failure, governmental and political failure…you name it…this belief will lead you to failure and misery.

You may not be able to cure society of this mental derangement, but you can cure yourself.

Track your progress, be grateful, help others succeed.

If we spend more time doing this we could progress faster and further.

If you’re grateful, share this post…for the sake of America, her children, and her future!

God, Bless

Toby LaVigne - Guide and Outfitter - Hunting 4 Purpose

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