What is the real American threat?


America has faced and defeated tyranny numerous times, the greatest of which were: The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and WWII.

Once we understood the threat, we rallied as a nation to defeat it at all costs.

I’m not predicting war, but I am saying this; 1 - Until we get clear about the true enemy, our division will intensify. 2 - The LEFT is not the enemy, they are a symptom.

I don’t like LEFTISM any more than I like a rash, but protesting symptoms doesn’t solve the root cause.

But it’s easier to slather on creams, ingest pills, and apply bandaids than it is to face a root cause. Especially when the root cause is our own broken definition of success and our own broken (selfish) means of achieving it.

“We have met the enemy, and they are us.”

Are you ready for The NEXT American Dream?

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