Reason #16 Why not to go to College


To listen to the average college graduate you’d think that everything America has done since WWII has been bad. But look at the chart below!

Right after America helped defeat fascism and communism (WWII), we proceeded to lead in technological development, WHICH lead to an insanely fast drop in poverty worldwide.

Makes you wonder what business colleges are actually in doesn’t it?!

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Make kids tough again


Proverbs 13:24 H4P interpretation: Parents who don’t teach their children that there are absolutes in life - rights and wrongs that come with consequences - are setting them up for massive failure.

Isn’t that what you would do to an enemy that you hate?

"Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them."

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Where do PURPOSE and IDENTITY come from?

Academia teaches you that success lies strictly in degrees, titles, power, and money. In other words, it teaches that your identity and your purpose will be EXTERNALLY IMPOSED upon you by authorities whose butts you must first kiss.

The good news and the bad news are the same - your identity and purpose come from inside you and must be INTERNALLY EXPOSED by you. Kissing your own butt is optional:)

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Childhood ended at 7


The Spartans are famous for their intense warrior training that began at the tender age of 7 when boys were taken from their mothers to become men. The path for little girls was no picnic either. In fact, the whole society was dedicated to protecting each other.

Fast forward 2,500 years and we have 30-year-old men trying to be little girls, adult bouncy houses, and fathers playing video games for 3 hours a day.

Thankfully we don’t live under constant attack from neighboring tribes. We don’t have to take the extreme measures that the Spartans did. But we shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater either.

For a society to thrive, it must be selfless. But selflessness takes courage. Courage that our education and parenting habits intentionally and unintentionally thwart.

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Do you want to be defined by your failures or your successes?


America’s favorite pastime seems to be changing from bashing a baseball to bashing the USA.

No one wants to be on the “losing team”, so what’s the payoff for bashing the country that gives you the freedom to bash it?

This isn’t a simple question of patriotism. It’s a question of mental health. When a person sees more negatives than positives they’ve lost hope. And without hope you’ll see depression and violence to self and others.

Make sure that your children learn to develop a clear picture of where they have truly progressed and what they can and must do to keep gaining ground and maintaining faith.

Adults who learn this simple skill develop a positive addiction to productive accomplishment for the sake of others.

What do you call a country that does this better than any other? That’s right,


And that’s why we ask God to bless her.

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Attention Christian Conservative Parents


Inconvenient truth #1: Whatever you’re noticing with “everyone else’s kids” is probably going on with yours.

Inconvenient truth #2: Your kids are a direct reflection of you.

Inconvenient truth #3: If you want your kids to level up, you gotta level up first!

Model the change you want to see…make sure your sons and daughters are building the courage to be selfless. As you probably know, “it ain’t taught in school, and it don’t happen by accident.”

Those Who Deny Freedom

aBruham Lincoln Wide.jpg

God calls us to be courageous; to lift others up. Denying freedom to others “for their own good" is almost always your own fear "dressed up in sheep’s clothing.”

If you want to be free, resist the urge to “play God” with other people’s lives.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

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Children Need Real World Wisdom

20190917 Wide.jpg

It is our job as parents to teach our kids the tougher things in life.

School has not taught us how to be successful in life. We have to take it upon ourselves to ensure our children enter the real world prepared for the challenges they will face.

Even if that means not being their friend for a moment, and teaching them about the harder stuff in life

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