Freedom is Messy

You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free.  But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. Galatians 5:13

About 250 years ago, “America” as we were about to be known was being threatened by a tyrannical king who was willing to kill, imprison and tax anyone that disagreed with him.  And as bad as it was, at least half of the then small America was against fighting back to “Make America Great and Independent”. #MAGAI

Like today, there were certain citizens who could ’see’ where inaction would lead them. These courageous and wise citizens had studied the Bible and the histories of once great, but fallen societies.  They had the vision to form a more perfect union.

A union that recognized and worked WITH the natural laws of humanity and the laws of God.


Because thousands of years of history showed undeniable patterns of what worked and what didn’t.  History showed them that when humankind attempted to force one another to act without choice (Tyranny), poverty ensued.  Not sometimes, but every time.  Not always immediately, but always eventually.

History had shown that EVERY TIME humans gave up their liberty for the sake of security, they lost both.


The Bible and human history make one thing abundantly clear.  We are all equal in the eyes of the lord, but we are not guaranteed an equal outcome.

So those powerful citizens, who by the way had the most to lose, stood for what was right for the sake of ALL, not themselves.  They risked everything, their wealth, their lives, and their reputations to give you and I “one nation, under God, Indivisible with justice and liberty for all.”

Is it perfect?  Can it ever be perfect?


Only God can deliver perfectly.  But the structure upon which America was founded is the recipe for the closest thing to Eden that humans will see without God’s intervention.  Messing with that structure demonstrates hubris.

Freedom is messy, but it’s the only way.  Every parent knows this, every business owner knows this, and every married couple knows this.  We suffer when we forget; when we try to control, and manipulate, and brute force because we feel anxious.

250 years later we are being threatened by a tyrannical movement that threatens to kill, imprison, and tax anyone who disagrees with them.  And as bad as it is, too close to half of a much larger America is failing to fight back and Make America Great Again.

Fortunately, there are certain citizens who can see where inaction is leading us.  These courageous and wise citizens believe in the Bible and respect history.  They too have the vision to reform ourselves as a more perfect union.

A union that respects and works WITH the natural laws of humanity, laws taught to us by God.


Because, as messy as it can be, Freedom and the personal responsibility that it requires is the only way to fulfill our potential individually and collectively.

Freedom and personal responsibility are the only way to mass prosperity.

“In God we trust"

If you know a young person trying to make sense of America today, trying to begin or build their career, please share this message with them.

Toby LaVigne

Guide and Outfitter for The NEXT American Dream

Don't let them BS you...

The garden of freedom, liberty, and justice needs constant care or the most important crop; Prosperity, a capacity to produce a surplus of all that we need will whither and us with it

For a great deal of the 20th century, nearly all Americans reaped more than our ancestors could ever have imagined. And as usually seems the case with us humans, we got complacent and we neglected our garden.

While Americans were busy with work, school, and raising their families, a cancer of Godless, faithless bureaucracy established itself in the heart of our land, a land that is unique among all the other land on earth.

Today, it’s generally accepted as normal that town hall, and city hall and the capitols should be large, powerful, and obeyed. It’s accepted that they are the owners, referees and commissioners of a game called “The American Dream.”

True, we get to vote, but the sheer mass of the beast is difficult to reverse without a large concerted effort. As Dr. Seuss once said, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

But I already know you care, and I know that you can see the danger. But knowing what to run away from is different than knowing what to run towards.

Despite what we see in the news, there aren't a million problems, there are only 3.

1 Our definition of success is busted

Seriously! We go to church, we pray to God, we talk about love, and family, and community…and we’re overwhelming focused on money and bills and running around trying to accomplish I don’t know what for I don’t know who.

Success is in short, a feeling called Love. Everything Americans think we want and need are really attempts to feel more love. Love is the goal, money and the stuff it buys are a byproduct. Focus on the byproduct and you’ll always be anxious because you’ll be seeking control of something that it outside of your control.

Giving love is something that’s IN our control, getting it back when and how we want it is OUT of our control. All behavior to the contrary is about not trusting, and playing God. Knock it off.

2 Our means of achieving success is also busted

The path to success isn’t figuring out how to get what you want from people who’d generally rather not give it to you. It isn’t grades, or diplomas, or even hard work. Those are just tools to support the real path; Contributing your gift.

God put each of us here on earth to contribute in some special way. Your contribution isn’t your trade, your product, or your service, it’s how you deliver them and who you deliver them for.

Want more success? Figure out why God made you and give that to others. Contribute. Get up each morning, go to work each day, and come home again simply to lift others up through where you are now. And have faith, you know, in God, that what you feel you need more of will come as a result.

3 Our faith is weak

All the mischief and worse that we see in the news today is our fault. God gave us simple directions; Love God, love and serve others as you would like to be served. God did not say, “get yours first, then, when you feel safe, give love”. God did not say, “Figure out how to control and manipulate others legally and otherwise, in order to make everyone feel less anxious.”

The only antidote to anxiety is FAAITH. Faith that contributing from love works.

“Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

Hebrews 11:1

Faith isn’t an instant 100% guarantee. Faith is about the long haul. Every time I go in the woods hunting I am hopeful, I have faith. Do I succeed every time? Heck no, but I don’t let that rattle my faith. I know that the cause and effect of giving my effort and getting a reward is not immediate. The formula, if there is one, is unknowable.

Watch how people are trying to fight for increased control of society through politics. Watch the internet for headlines promising 10 step success formulas. There is an epidemic of spineless, selfish cowards masquerading as respectable leaders and social activists.

Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. Look for those who are working to restore the natural simple order of the garden of freedom, liberty and justice.

They are the ones of faith, those are the courageous contributors. Support them and emulate them. And do all that you can to help your children see that their power, their happiness, and their success lie in finding their God given contribution and giving it.

“In God we trust"

If you know a young person trying to make sense of America today, trying to begin or build their career, please share this message with them.

Toby LaVigne

Guide and Outfitter for The NEXT American Dream

When Push Comes to Pull

The 'go to' strategy of the last century has been brute force ‘push’.

Yeah, we’re powerful, at least when we’ve got technology, authority, lawyers, guns and money on our side.

But we’re not very persuasive.  

Just ask 80% of the workforce that doesn’t enjoy their jobs.

Just ask anyone who's ever been marketed and sold too.

Just ask practically every student in school.

Push takes quite a bit more force than pull.

This isn’t just some esoteric observation, it’s a proven physical fact.

When we push there is a component of our effort that adds to the weight of the body and hence friction increases (resistance).

Yet when we pull, our effort actually lightens the body and hence there is much less overall friction (resistance).

In fact, in terms of people, PULL can actually cause the ‘bodies' we pull to come to our side and compound our efforts.

So push begets more push and pull begets more pull.

Something to think about when designing a career, a business or a life.

Which reminds me, do you feel pulled to experience the Next American Dream?

Perhaps The NEXT American Dream Challenge is for you?

Look Up To Move Up

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong.”

It seems like everyone says they want to change.  The objective of every resume I see includes some aspiration like “personal or professional growth, the desire for a challenging environment, or opportunities for advancement.”

I get it, I really do. 

Who wouldn’t want to experience these kinds of victory?

But here’s the thing.

Are you stuck enough, and uncomfortable enough to do something about it?


Then right now, write down 5 ways you could change to be seen as more valuable in your personal and professional life.

Here’s one to get started - share your ideas in the comments section below to help others.

This may sound simple, but it’s not trivial.

Become someone who helps others advance and you will too.

Take The Heropreneur DNA Test

“Everyone talks about the weather, but no-one ever does anything about it” - Mark Twain

The “weather” of the economy, society, and the workplace is changing, big time.  And it’s affecting every aspect of career and life building.  What it took to create a ‘good life’ in the last century isn’t working anymore.  It's not anyone's fault, it's just a natural cycle. 

Those that are committed to living the Next American Dream now, have no choice but to forge their way without a clear path and without the support of the status quo.

The pioneers that are redefining the definition of success and the means for achieving it are what I call HEROpreneurs.

Here’s a quick six-step test to see if you are one.

1.  You Value the Basics

It may seem obvious and it may sound old school, but these basics never go out of style.  And as obvious as they may seem, they’re not common.

Show up on time, over deliver, do what you say, say “please” and “thank you,” and be grateful.  

2. You’re Stubborn 

In a good way of course.  Stand for something Dammit!  And don’t water down your position to be politically correct.  No one remembers people who blend into the crowd.

3. You’re Curious

You make learning a priority.  You listen to useful podcasts when you could be listening to music.  You often read when others are watching TV.  You have a voracious appetite for new perspectives and better ways.

4. You’re Coachable

“Don’t sugar coat it!  You want the truth, so you can get better, like, NOW!  "Show me the video of my speech and help me break it down to get better.  Edit my writing and show me how to make it tighter and sharper.  Tell me where I'm losing my audience so I can connect immediately.”

5 . You’re Passionate 

Your friends know you care. Not just about them, but about people and the world.  You believe that we’re all here to make a contribution.  No, scratch that.  You believe that we are all obligated to be a contribution to others.

6. You’re Disciplined

You regularly do what others won’t so you can experience what other’s can’t.  You’re on a mission, even if you’re not 100% clear on what it is, and you’re willing to do what it takes to make an impact

7.  You're a leader

You gravitate toward creating ways for others to perform at a higher level and steer clear of grievance culture.  Change doesn't happen in the belly of the beast, we don't need more marches, more legislations, programs or funding.  WE NEED LEADERSHIP AND ACTION.  The obstacles to renewed prosperity are not 'out there', they're 'in here'.  The real obstacles we face are fear and limiting beliefs.

If you found yourself answering yes to the questions above, then you’re heropreneur material and we need you!


Dr. Seuss Career Advice for Young Professionals: Who you hire to hire you, says more about you than most anything you can do.

I’m a big Clayton Christensen fan.  Clayton is a Harvard Prof. who's actually been an exec, he's a very successful author, and an all around great guy.  I like the way he thinks, and I like the questions he asks.

In 1997 Clayton published “The Innovator’s Dilemma” in which he asked a question that’s only becoming more and more relevant: Why do successful companies so often fail?

I recently ran across an article he wrote just last fall to promote his latest book, Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice.  I haven’t read it, but the premise of the book is another even more powerful question.  A question that all of us, not just successful giant companies, must answer and re-answer throughout our careers.

The question can be customized, but the foundation is this:  What job did [fill in the person] hire [fill in product, service, person, company] to do?

If you think about it, you hired the specific smartphone you use to do a certain job.  And you’ll likely fire it for another smartphone one day.

In fact, you’ve “hired” everything you own to do a job.  Perhaps some of your things have turned out to be stellar employees, while some are just taking up space, and others are downright impediments to your success and deserve to be fired immediately.

What you've been taught NOT to do

Ok, you get the idea.  So now let’s try using the question in a way that you’ve been trained NOT to think.  Think about your career.  You have choices: industries, professions, employers, customers, even co-workers.  Given that you have choices, as you did in purchasing your smartphone for instance, what are the job requirements for your job?

Imagine yourself out shopping for a career.  Do you have a job description for it?  Do you have specific demands of it?  How will you know if it’s doing ITS job?

Strong managers constantly measure results, provide feedback and when necessary, promptly fire employees who are aren’t doing their job.

Customer’s like you can fire a product or service just as easily as you can hire them.

So chew on this.

You can hire and fire any part of your career.  Given that awesome power, what will you do with it?  Will you do YOUR job to define YOUR job?  Or will you pretend to be powerless and just hope that someone will want you and that everything in your life will magically fall into place?

If you know an ambitious young professional, who knows what they want in a job you should tell them about our Hero Ops Program.  We have 4-6 full-time, paid positions for Team 001.

Recruiting for Hero Ops Team 001 will be ending soon so tell them to hurry.

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Why You Can't Work for Me...

…or anyone else for that matter.

I heard this the other day from Peter Z. Wasowski, a guest on Dave Asprey’s Bullet Proof Podcast, and I think it’s worth sharing:

  • If you want to be happy for 5 minutes, take a nap.
  • If you want to be happy for two weeks, take a vacation.
  • If you want to be happy from time to time, have a drink.
  • If you want to be happy continuously, keep creating a positive difference in the lives of others.

The engagement rate of employees in the U.S. is about 20%.  You read that right.  80% of the workforce reports being moderately, to severely disengaged at work.  We spend A LOT of time-related to work - driving to and from work, thinking about work, and actually doing work - these activities take up over half of your waking life!

If you’re not engaged in satisfying work that brings you a sense of connection, meaning, and hope then you’re not only disengaged at work, your disengaged from life!

Now many people think that this is their bosses’ fault.  And make no mistake, executives are 100% responsible for workplace culture. However, you too are 100% responsible for YOUR workplace culture.  Either fix the one you have or find and create a new one.

Are you using your job (whatever it may be) as a platform to create a positive difference in the lives of others?

Are you working for YOU or are you pretending to be powerless?

If you’re tired of pretending, then I’m betting you will enjoy a short free read called The NEXT American Dream Challenge which you can get right here, right now!

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The Future of Normal

It’s always been true that if you’re not growing your dying.

It’s always been true that if you work too hard to fit in, you’ll never stand out.

And it’s always been true that the only constant, is change.

But all of these truisms are becoming more urgent and undeniable with each passing day.

If you began your career in 1950 and retired in 1995 you saw some changes, but they probably didn’t impact your career or life strategy all that much.  Hard work alone was a virtual guarantee to a secure retirement, but did this strategy cause you to stand out? 

"Well, standing out wasn't what practical people do."

But it’s not 1950, it’s 2017.  

In the next 10 years there will be more changes than in all of human history.  In the next 10 years the Fortune 500 will have have a 50% turnover.  And in just 10 years every tech that exists today will be obsolete.

What do you tell your children or yourself about how to prepare and succeed in THAT kind of a world?

Do you trust the Last American Dream or do you learn how to surf change and live the NEXT American Dream?

If you like dreaming I think you’ll like the NEXT American Dream Challenge which you can get for free right HERE.

Your Identity or Your Life!

Everything we do is driven by a quest for identity.  We are biologically hardwired to be seen as valuable to the people we feel matter most.  And we all began figuring how to do this the moment we were born.

STOP and think about this biologically embedded instinct for a moment.

  1. To be seen as valuable
  2. To the people we feel matter most

If you want to know why you aren’t much more successful in any domain of your life, the root cause lies in your answers to those two simple questions.

How you answer these questions became a SET OF INSTINCTIVE HABITS that were developed when you were young and mostly unaware.

Most of us think that we’ve moved beyond the habits we had in Junior High, but the truth is that most, and perhaps all of the habits we unconsciously developed are still very much a part of us.  Sure, you’re taller, you have a driver’s license, a degree, a house etc, but I promise you that unless you made some strong conscious new choices, and overcame a TON of resistance, you’re still governed by those habits.  

They’re not all bad

Just to be clear, those habits have gotten you to where you are today.  And by virtue of the fact that you’re reading this I’m betting that’s at least mostly better than other outcomes.

It only matters if you want more

Your habits only present a problem if you want more than they are capable of delivering.  

But what if you do want more?

The internet presents us with new listicles to improve our lives every day.  And tons of hardworking, smart, disciplined people like you and I have implemented many of them.  Do you see any you recognize below?

  • Drink more water
  • Get 8 hours of sleep
  • Meditate
  • Use “this” scheduling system
  • Eat better
  • Exercise
  • ….

So why don’t the habits of those successful people in the listicles produce the same dramatic growth when other people repeat them?

The Truth

Go back to those 2 questions above.  The REAL difference in those successful people is their answers to 1 and 2.  Think about it. 

  1. What's your internal definition of "valuable"?  Not what you want to think it should be, but what do your daily actions SAY it is?
  2. Who are you trying to please?  And don't tell me that you're only trying to please yourself; that's a story.

People with standout performance in a particular domain go around all day seeing that domain through a very different lens.  They have a different value strategy and a different audience in their head for that particular domain.  They see opportunities other don’t, they respond differently, they’re quite frankly playing a different game.

Pay attention - this is the tricky part

Many "more successful" people (not all) CONSCIOUSLY decided to answer 1 and 2 differently.  But it wasn’t just a note to themselves in their journal.  They had to get up every day from that moment on and resist their old answers.

This is easier said than done - but you CAN do it

Acting out of our habitual identity is really uncomfortable.  Your family might laugh, your friends may talk about you, and others might doubt you….and then so will you.  And before you know it, you can be pulled back in your old habits; living in that familiar range of performance.

Self branding B.S.

Social media and other tools delude us into thinking that we can tell the world how we want to be seen, but we can’t - not really.  Because the world is smart.  They don’t listen to what we say, they watch what we do.

If we want to change our results, we have to change our actions.  We have to align all of our actions consistently with that new identity 24/7/365. 

Tribal Physics

There are observable, repeatable laws that govern the domain of human performance that we weren’t taught in school. You wouldn't attempt to build and fly a plane without a very strong understanding of Newtonian Physics, so why would you try to build and live your life without a strong understanding of Tribal Physics?

If you’re curious about the forces that underlie everything you experience personally, at work, and in the news, then go to and get your free copy of The NEXT American Dream Challenge.

You know there's more going on here...

We're steadily getting less healthy, less happy, and less wealthy as a society...haven't you wondered what's really going on?

Mark Cuban Advice I agree with…

The most successful people are more strategic.  They know what they want and they develop a strategy that will, over time, increase the likelihood that they’ll get what they want.  They think more about how they invest their resources like time, money, reputation, mindshare etc.

They don’t blindly assume that a random walk in the foot steps of the marching masses will result in success for them. 

Which is why a guy like Mark Cuban has a non traditional view of the value of college and the start of your career.

You can see what I mean in this short 5 minute video.

Get Paid to Learn

Here’e the punch line - GET PAID TO LEARN.  Avoid work, no matter how lucrative that won’t make YOU more valuable and fulfilled as a person.  Avoid it like junk food because that’s what it is.  It’s just a way to pass the time, it’s momentarily satisfying and then fills you with regret.

Where can I get paid to learn you ask?

Answer: The Vaikido HERO Ops Program

We’re holding tryouts to fill 4-6 positions on our roster.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing now, where you’ve been, or who you know…we just want the right attitude.  If this sounds interesting to you, the CLICK HERE to learn more about it and you could be getting paid to learn as a member of a very special team by March 27th.

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3 Reasons why the Patriots Win

Full disclosure: I’m a Pats fan; it’s not lost on me that they could easily have lost Super Bowl 51 and it's not lost on me that everyone and their dog will be talking about this historic game.   But I will not apologize for piling on because this event is too emotionally powerful and relevant to not talk about it. 

In fact, the reason this game is being talked about so much is because it represents what's missing at home, at work, and in our country.  If we could all take a pill and experience the emotions that 'come from behind victories' like that produce, then we'd all be poppin pills like crazy.

The reason Patriots won is because they have harnessed a timeless force that has an uncanny way of producing victory in every domain of life.  It’s not a 100% guarantee, but over time it prevails over all other approaches that involve the coordination of human effort.

Hint: that includes EVERYTHING.

So, pay attention, this:

1 - Patriot’s values don’t belong to the Krafts or Belichick…they belong to EVERY individual in the entire friggin organization.  Every last one.  When EVERYONE is responsible for victory, guess what?  You have a lot more support.  Certainly more than just about anyone else you’re competing against.  Because very few people are a part of an organization that really shares the same values.  And you can't put this on a poster in the lunch've got to live it day in and day out.

2 -  Everyone has a meaningful role and responsibility…and they ALL matter.  You never know where the need will be or when or who.  As James White said after the game you have to always be ready, and willing, and prepared…and humble - because even when your number is called; don’t get too full of yourself because it wasn’t all you and it won’t always be you.  With this approach the Patriots have managed to win with an almost 100% roster turnover in the past decade.

3 - Culture beats talent.  You can’t coordinate bad attitudes.  In fact, you can't coordinate particularly well with "neutral attitudes".  It's not the few obvious bad apples, it's about masses of largely apathetic marginally engaged people that lead to inconsistent success or even outright failure.

Nothing happens without excellent team coordination no matter how much talent.  The 2004 US basketball team took an embarrassing bronze medal despite fielding a ridiculously talented team.  On paper, no other team stood a chance, but in reality success runs deeper than star players.  The Patriots just gave us another reminder of that powerful lesson.

The Vaikido Hero Ops Program is built based upon these 3 basic, yet unbelievably over looked elements.  

This is a TEAM program.  Recruited together, trained together, accomplishing together.  All for one and one for all.

If you want to feel what the Patriots feel, you don’t have to become a professional athlete or wait for football season, you can try out for the Vaikido Hero Ops Program.  We’re filling 4-6 positions on our roster and we’re hiring for attitude, grit, and humility.  We don’t care what you’re doing now, where you’ve been, or who you know…we just want the right TEAM.

If you or someone you know resembles this, then click right here or forward them this blog right now.

Bill Belichick and I don’t care where you came from…

...we only care where you’re committed to going.  There is a great article which you can see here about how New England Patriot’s coach Bill Belichick and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia became an underdog duo.

We’re 3 days into a one month recruiting cycle for our first HERO Ops Program Team and I’m being asked about the quality of the early entrants.

To be honest, I’ve barely done more than glance at the resumes.  To me they all look exactly the same.  The same format, the same list of positive attributes, and the same vague desire for something…something better…

Here’s the thing, we don’t care where you came from, we don’t care what jobs you’ve had, we don’t care about your major, and we don’t even care if you had one.

We don’t care because we know that paper and digital images can’t show us what you’re made of.  Even if you don’t yet know it, we KNOW that you have far more value than you have learned to access.

Here’s the question I’m asking in fielding our first HERO Ops Team:

What you’re willing to do to live the NEXT American Dream; to prosper by being MORE of who you naturally are?

Are you willing to dedicate yourself to building a reputation as someone who is unquestionably committed to helping others live better?

That’s it.  Prove it and we want you on our teams.

Speaking of teams - Tryouts for the first Vaikido HERO Ops Team are March 10-12.  There are 4-6 paid slots for this bold new idea whose time has come.

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An Open Letter To Simon Sinek

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your well articulated answer to the Millennial / Employer impasse.

For those of you that may not have seen it yet I highly recommend this short YouTube interview.

It’s true - Millennials, you DO in fact have a valuable and unique perspective and you are right to be skeptical about subordinating yourself to the LAST American Dream.

However, until you learn how to harness your value, you’re going to struggle mightily to live the NEXT American Dream.

For those of you with the ambition to do the heroic work neccessary, there is an antidote.

Check out the Vaikido Hero Ops program here.

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We have 4-6 full time positions with benefits designed to give employers what they need and ambitious young professionals what you want -  an insanely powerful career launch pad.

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I'm offering a Dream Job, actually 6 of them...


Would you like to be a hero to some up and coming young professional?  Are YOU an up and coming young professional?

I have a HUGE opportunity, actually I’ve got 4-6 of them.

The Vaikido Hero Unschool is hiring 4-6 young professionals for a 3 year PAID training program / “job”.

Compensation is competitive and includes medical insurance.  But even more importantly this “job”, more like an “unjob” really, is an intense combination of marketing and sales work + entrepreneurship education + mentorship + fun.

This is a TEAM opportunity.

Successful candidates will work as a team on site at one of our clients (an established and successful company based in Portland, OR) to revamp and rebuild their marketing and sales program.  At the same time this team will also be trained in our unique Hero Brand framework in order to dramatically increase their market value and career satisfaction.

How to “Apply”

This part is unique as well.

Candidates must attend an information session here in Portland, OR on March 1st.  At this event they will learn more about the opportunity and the selection process.

This is worth traveling for.  Portland is an incredible city to work and live.


Resumes, cover letters and traditional interviews don’t teach us much, so we’re giving candidates a long weekend opportunity to show their stuff via a variety of training exercises.

This intense, weekend long event is free, but its value is priceless.  Even if a candidate doesn’t earn one of the spots, they will still learn an incredible amount and they can position themselves for the NEXT set of opportunities,  so I encourage any and all interested candidates to attend. (btw: CEO’s pay thousands of dollars for this same training.)

Click this link here to get a PDF of the Vaikido Hero Ops Program.

This link goes to a special page where interested candidates can sign up for more information.


As you know, there are a ton of “Millennials” graduating from college etc who are struggling to find decent paying, challenging, satisfying careers.

At the SAME time employers are struggling to deal with a generation that isn’t prepared for a number of the realities of the work world.  See Simon Sinek's fantastic interview response here.

The Vaikido HERO Ops Program is the ANTIDOTE for this impasse.

Please spread the word so that we can make more of these opportunities available!

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The British Are Leaving!

Usually we think of the famous line "The British Are Coming!".

The last time that was shouted, the founders of our country had declared independence from Britain.

Now Britain has had enough stifling bureaucratic tyranny.  Pretty ironic huh?

Here in America we're experiencing a similar irony of our own making.

Hey, all good things must come to an order to create even better things.

But the only way out is always through.  We can't pretend our challenges away, we must confront them.  And that's exactly what we're about to do.

We have learned that many people are simply not ready to do what it takes to forge the NEXT American Dream.

Many are clinging to the idea that their careers, their family life, and their children's futures are just a few software upgrades away. 

We're quadrupling down on our commitment to forging the NEXT American Dream.  That's what we're about, that's what our unschool is about.

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Wednesday August 3rd, 2016

We all know that America has changed.


The unifying theme of most news headlines is simply this...

We are changing from one era to another.

Some don’t want the old era to end.

Some are sprinting forward.

And many are victims of the creative destruction.

What I see is that we are all coming to grips with;

  • Which parts of the last American Dream no longer hold true?
  • What should the next American Dream to be?
  • And what does the next “success” path look like?

To realize the future we want, we must get REALLY clear about which levers can ACTUALLY produce the freedom and prosperity we seek.

To help we created the (FREE) Next American Dream Challenge which you can find right here.

Join us by taking the challenge and declaring interdependence!

Your Second to last chance...

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Wednesday August 3rd, 2016

We all know that America has changed.


The unifying theme of most news headlines is simply this...

We are changing from one era to another.

Some don’t want the old era to end.

Some are sprinting forward.

And many are victims of the creative destruction.

What I see is that we are all coming to grips with is this;

  • Which parts of the last American Dream no longer hold true?
  • What should the next American Dream be?
  • And what does the next “success” path look like?

To realize the future we want, we must get REALLY clear about which levers can ACTUALLY produce the freedom and prosperity we seek.

To help we created the (FREE) Next American Dream Challenge which you can find right here.

Join us by taking the challenge and declaring interdependence!

The NEXT American Dream

We all know that America has changed.


The unifying theme of most news headlines is simply this...

We are changing from one era to another.

Some don’t want the old era to end.

Some are sprinting forward.

And many are victims of the creative destruction.

What I see is that we are all coming to grips with is this;

  • Which parts of the last American Dream no longer hold true?
  • What should the next American Dream be?
  • And what does the next “success” path look like?

To realize the future we want, we must get REALLY clear about which levers can ACTUALLY produce the freedom and prosperity we seek.

To help we created the (FREE) Next American Dream Challenge which you can find right here.

Join us by taking the challenge and declaring interdependence!

Which Chemical Element are You?

Chemistry comedians like to say, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate." If you remember your chemistry then you know that the precipitate is what falls from the solution.

In this metaphor, you don't want to be the precipitate.

Here's how to make sure that doesn't happen to your child.

If you’ve been following the Heroic Unschooling Journal lately then you know there are four important life skills our children must begin learning immediately, if not sooner.

And you know that we call the process of learning these four skills, Heroic Unschooling.

Today I’m going to share the fourth element of the framework: TRANSACTION.

We have to see and understand the rules of the game: OBSERVATION.

We have to learn to learn so that we can get better and better at playing it: LEARNING.

We have to package ourselves as an offer to others in order to be someone others want to play with: PACKAGING.

But, at the end of the day, the real action is on the field where we transact with others in order to accomplish things and prosper.

TRANSACTION is where happiness and prosperity are lost and found.

Most people really struggle to get what they want, because they simply don’t understand the physics of the process.

We take things like gravity for granted.  We all know what’s going to happen when we throw a ball.  But for most people, life is pretty mysterious.  Some of what they have tried worked, but then other times it didn’t.

The problem is that they don’t understand why, because they can’t SEE the natural forces at work, so they don’t know how to alter their approach.

Flying blind is scary, dangerous, and frankly hopeless.

Most of the time, people ‘give up’; they resign themselves to the notion that 'this is just as good as it’s going to get' or they get bitter and blame others for their failures.

Either way it’s a tragedy that doesn’t need to happen.

The four part Vaikido framework clarifies the game of life in a way that can change a child’s entire outlook on life and it can dramatically increase your family’s unity at the same time.

Our next Parent Silver Belt Certification is October 14-16 in Portland, OR.  The deadline for early bird registration ends in just a couple of days.

You can learn more about this process by downloading You Are Your Child's Hero and Their Hope.

And you can register right here.

"Would you like fries with your order?"

Heroic Unschooling is built upon the 4 part Vaikido Framework.

If you’ve been following the Heroic Unschooling Journal then you know there are four important life skills our children must begin learning immediately, if not sooner.

And you know that we call the process of learning these four skills, Heroic Unschooling.

Today I’m going to share the third element of the framework: PACKAGING.

Remarkably happy and prosperous people package themselves as an offer to assist others clearly.

This is how they attract the right attention.

Social media is an experiment in self packaging.  Unfortunately most of the examples are NOT what we want our children to emulate when it comes to gaining attention

There are some straight forward, easy to understand rules for packaging ourselves, and children can learn them.

Let's not mince words here, No packaging, No attention, No Attention, "Would you like fries with your order?"

When children learn how valuable they authentically are, how to package themselves, and how to communicate their offers they can step out of the cog line and build their life on purpose.

You can learn more about this process by downloading You Are Your Child's Hero and Their Hope.

And you can register right here.