It horrifies me to watch students in traditional education institutions spending the vast majority of their time studying, reading, and taking tests.

It’s horrifying because I know intimately the environment they face after graduation, and I understand the ‘real world’ limitations of these attempts to prepare for it.

The true definition of learning is to change behavior. 

The problem is that students are essentially trying to download information when they really need to be downloading an operating system (a behavioral capability). 

[AND they need to be writing their own software on top of it. - I'll save this for another post]

All the information we need is at our fingertips.  Being able to access information in the information age is rarely a valuable talent.

But having the behavioral capability of coordinating human action (a.k.a. leadership) IS valuable.

It’s valuable because this is how all accomplishment and growth happens.

And it’s valuable because it may be the only thing that can’t be outsourced or automated.