Were The Founding Fathers Wrong?

Monday morning quarterbacking is annoying, so doing it a couple hundred years later I fear may be even more so.

And the fact that the ‘quarter backs’ are the beloved founding fathers of America could get me in even more trouble, but I actually think they’d agree with me.

Given the benefit of hindsight, it would have been better if our founding father’s had declared interdependence.

We know what they meant – to get the heck out from under the thumb of that dang tyrannical king.

But independence actually doesn’t exist, not really.

Nothing and no one is really independent.

Independence does not exist in nature…no where!

Everything and everyone is interdependent.

Our attempt to succeed independently from one another is unraveling our society and paradoxically eroding our freedom.

The true path to greater freedom and prosperity, individually and collectively is interdependence.

The sooner you declare interdependence the sooner you will prosper. 

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