Is Your Child Learning to Sell Out?

Unschooling Series #4:

Is Your Child Learning to Sell Out?

More than ever before, integrity is like a beacon that attracts opportunities.  But never-the-less, we have a radar for consistency between what people say and do.  And those who contributions are most consistent with their words get the most attention.

To be clear I’m not talking about morality here.  I’m talking about consistency.  Declaring your position even in the face of pressure, and aligning your actions consistently with your declaration.

Super Bowl 50 was just a week ago and I’m still shaking my head from an appalling lack of integrity.  Here are just a few highlights that I remember.  Keep in mind that perhaps my taste has affected this list.

The blatant commercial use of our military.  It’s beyond cliché and Americans should feel insulted.  Practically none of the Super Bowl “Show” resembled the courage, commitment and integrity required to defend our freedom.

Lady Gaga’s outfit.  Ok, maybe I’m judging too harshly, but color commentator Phil Simm’s out of nowhere complement on that performance had to have been scripted.  I’m not a huge Phil fan, but I can’t imagine him feeling that positively about that travesty.

Or Anthony Hopkin’s ad for some tax software company (no, I’m not going to help them), where he claims he’d never sell out.  He’s nearly 80 years old, allegedly worth well over $100 million dollars and he goes from an Academy Award winner who is selective about his roles to wearing logo slippers!

Why am I bringing this up?  Because as a society we’re teetering on the border of resentment and resignation.  Joking about bad behavior is an attempt to make it ok in the future.  It’s a massive attempt to rationalize, it’s toxic, and your children are surrounded by it.

When we rationalize big things into trivial things and then ultimately to the realm of “hey, that’s just the way the game is played”, we are learning to NOT build identity. 

The message to our children can easily be inferred to, “how you behave really doesn’t matter because you can rationalize anything.”

And without even realizing it we’re actually saying…”you don’t matter.”

If you’re wondering where the upsurge in violence is coming from, integrity is a great place to look.

Our children need to be learning how to build authentic identities now more than ever.  Even though your neighbor is doing a poor job at it, even though the school bus is ‘full of it’, and even though it’s business as usual in Washington – heroic parents must take a stand.

Identity is THE most important thing.  And it’s not available without integrity.

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