Unschoolers are trail blazers

Yesterday was the application deadline for the Heroic Founding Family Membership.  Thank you and welcome to our first heroic unschooling families.

It was interesting fielding questions and comments about unschooling, heroic unschooling, and our program in general.

On the one hand, unschoolers are concerned with traditional education and have taken on the responsibility to educate their children themselves.  In doing so they have abandoned the stability of a very mature and predictable institution.

Yet many of those same people were looking for the same feelings of stability in the heroic unschooling process.  If you found yourself doing this I hope that you can see how we've all become a bit addicted to certainty.  We often say that we want ‘new’, but what we really want is stability in a new wrapper.

But that's not possible in the early stages.

For most of us, we have been surrounded by predictability all our entire lives.  Flick the switch and the light goes on, take it out of the box and it works, turn the key and it starts.

Even the early adopters of new technology like smart phones were the recipients of highly stable, highly functioning devices.  

The truth is that new, truly new, is messy.

But when we embark on something new with a clear and shared intention we can rapidly learn, adjust, and improve TOGETHER.

That's what a Heroic Family is all about.  And that's the spirit of our program.  We are all dedicated to creating a powerful experience for our families...to give our children advantages that perhaps we were not given.

There are many who want our school system to be better, but they simultaneously expect it to be perfect and shiny first.  

The future of education isn’t someone else’s responsibility, it’s ours.  If we want new we need to learn to recognize it, empathize with it, support it, believe in it, and spread it.

We will not be accepting any more families until April.  But we will update you on the application process and how to be notified when we do.

Toby, Shelly, Soleil, Summer LaVigne

The Vaikido Hero Unschool