What’s a UJ?

Did you know…

…that jobs are a recent invention?

Yup…just like the clapper, the snuggie, and spanx.

For 99% of our existence, humankind did just fine without the coveted Jay-Oh-B thank you very much.

So why should we assume that jobs won’t fade into the background like EVERY OTHER invention?

Humans are compelled to find ever more effective and efficient means of accomplishment - Fire, the wheel, agriculture, the engine, manufacturing, the job, management, the internet, and the Unjob a.k.a. the “UJ”.

Each invention is replaced by a superior one.

We used to have encyclopedia’s, phone books, and brochures…now we have Google.

Instead of oil and high tension wires, someday we’ll each have solar panels and a Tesla Power Wall.  https://youtu.be/yKORsrlN-2k

Heck, we’re even going to have self driving cars soon!

So why should jobs be any different.

If a child is 10, they will be able to ride in self driving cars by the time they are 20.  Sounds crazy, but the trend is clear to anyone paying attention to it’s progress.

The same is already becoming true of jobs.  The very structure of job and management simply won’t work in an age of solar power, self driving cars, and rapid change.

Jobs require someone to tell people what to do.  They require a company to remain relevant for a long period of time.  They require employees to be obedient.  

Jobs are getting dumber and dumber and slower and slower.

Smart parents will take action now for the sake of their children.

Tomorrow I am going to release a free course about the new economy right here.

In the meantime I want you to think about something very seriously.

Do you really believe that it makes sense for your child to depend upon some future stranger to organize stuff for them to do and to reliably pay them for decades?!

Doesn’t it make sense to have a plan B?

Let’s meet back here tomorrow and start a conversation about a Plan B.

Yours truly,