An Unnecesary Challenge

A defining quality of a hero is their quest to right some wrong.

Everyone of us has a primary concern – a deep desire to right some perceived injustice.

We have, all of us, a need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves – to be a contribution.

In many respects, especially in today’s world, this challenge seems unnecessary.  We aren’t expected to interrupt our lives or go out of our way to do much of anything but go to work, pay our bills and be ‘nice’.

This is what our education system supposedly prepares us to do, this is what most people are trying to do, and it has a ton to do with why 80% of the workforce is unsatisfied with their work.

And it’s why billions of people are playing video games – to experience a number of vital human emotions that are not stimulated when we don’t have a bigger purpose.

You don’t have to work at building your life around your ‘cause’, that’s not “necessary”.

But it’s the only way to experience the feeling of being fully alive and to become not only the kind of person you can be deeply proud of, but one that others will seek out.

And isn’t that what we’re all looking for?  To become someone who is sought after?