Because I SAID so…

Hey Vaikido’s,

Have you noticed how many things we believe just because someone said so (a lot of times)?

Like jobs for instance.

It’s a given that your supposed go to school then get a job.  Right?

Unless of course you join the military (the toughest job you’ll ever love) or start a business, or (cringe) get another degree.

Is this your plan for your children?  

Will this make them successful?

Chances are that you have your own business or a pretty darn good job.

Have you thought about whether your child is on track to create their own business or whether a job like yours will be around in 20 years?

Would you even recommend that they follow your path?

Have you taken a good look (I mean a really close look) at the job picture?

Very soon I am going to release a NEW FREE COURSE that goes deep into the reality of the new economy, employment, and the future. 

So keep a look out for that.

See you here again soon,