This is Hilarious...

...until it happens to you.

Good morning Vaikido’s,

How did you like that judge’s speech yesterday?

I’ve got another powerful story for you today.

I received this text excerpt via a friend over the weekend, and I’m sharing it with permission.

I do not know the mother or the young man, but this text is a must read for all parents with children under 30 (maybe even older).

“Spoke with my son today who is graduating in 5 weeks.  He sounded so down and I just don’t know how to comfort him.  He is accepting a job that is not his “dream” job and wondering why he has worked so hard for 4 years.  He feels like he has failed and I can tell you that he has not!  But I do understand where he is coming from…he worked hard and did what he was supposed to do and didn’t get any offers from the competitive companies he was aspiring to work for.  He will be “coming back home” until he can move out and feels this falls short of the new adventure he was planning.  All the perspective that I have is not helping and I tried to just listen and tell him how proud we are of him.  My heart hurts for him and I know he has to live his life and figure this out, but wishing a victory for him.”

My editorial notes:

"Did not get his ‘dream job’" - Millennial bashers may be tempted to sarcastically say something like “boo hoo’, get a life kid, practically no one gets their dream job out of college”.  But at the same time, that’s very likely the story he was sold prior to enrollment.  Why else should you pay that much money?

"He did what he was ‘supposed to do’" and now, 4 years of hard work later (plus debt) he gets to move back in with Mom and Dad.  To be honest, I don't even want to think about our 8 and 9 year olds moving out.  Yet even though I want them to stay, I hope it's not because they HAVE to.

“My heart hurts for him and all the perspective I have is not helping” - Mom and Dad’s, please listen up for the sake of your children.  We can’t pep talk our kids into being happy like our parents or grandparents may have tried to do.  Millennials are not programed to compromise life satisfaction for financial security.  Just because the last generation did it, doesn't mean it's a good strategy.

The happiness we seek for our children will not be given in the form of a job WITH OR WITHOUT a college education.

In the New Economy, the only sure route to happiness will come from building their own satisfying unjob.

Please, for the sake of your children, learn from this woman’s text, and this young man’s example.

It was NORMAL 30 years ago for college graduates to compromise to 'the man' in exchange for upward mobility - Millennials are smart enough to know that this is a low odds, fool's errand.

This young man's story is the NEW NORMAL.

And it will continue to get worse every year from now until your child turns 22.

This young man can get back on track, but he already lost 10 + years of runway to do so.

Let’s hope that he doesn’t give up on himself.

Don’t give up on your children and don’t let them lose the next 10 years to prepare for the new economy.

The Heroic Family Unschooling Experience will prepare them to thrive with or without college.

The application deadline is this Friday night (April 15th) and the enrollment deadline is Sunday April 17th.

The best time for that young man to have prepared was 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW.

Until tomorrow,