Cage Free Schooling

October 11

Cage Free Schooling

Despite the best intentions of most teachers and managers their job is to keep their birds caged and compliant as efficiently as possible.

Efficiency is about minimal input per output.

I have never seen a cage that is designed to encourage it’s captives to expand, to explore the entire universe of possibilities, to collaborate with the other captives, or to fulfill their maximum potential.

Anyone engaged in making educational or career decisions needs to understand the reality of their choices.

The cages offered by our society may be nice cages with plenty of Starbucks, Targets, and Best Buys.

But never forget that they are cages just the same, filled with clueless birds chirping away about how free they are.

Are you going to look for safe cages for yourself or the ones you love until it’s time to move to another cage?

Or are you going to live cage free?