Who doesn’t like comfort?!

What if you could feel comfort more often, in more situations?

What if you could find comfort in more places than your bed, your kitchen, or your living room couch?

What is comfort anyway?

Comfort is a feeling of “I’m safe, I’ve got this.”

The best way to get this feeling is to develop the capability.

Are you only comfortable in the shallow end?  Then build your capability and soon you can feel the same level of comfort in the deeper end.

Comfortable in the deep end, but not when there are waves?  Then build your capability in the waves and soon you can feel comfort there too.

When we avoid discomfort we become weaker, we feel less safe and comfort becomes harder and harder to find. 


Unschool – to unhabituate from behaviors, beliefs, and paradigms that prevent prosperity in the connection economy. 

Heroic Contribution – An approach to career and business building that builds and attracts a loyal following.