Difference between a gang and a team

 A gang is a group of seemingly agreeable people (on the surface anyway) who jockey for control at each other’s expense.

A team is a group of sometimes-disagreeable people (on the surface anyway) who work together from a common intention.

We have gotten in the habit of calling people who work in the same organization, people wearing the same shirt, or people who belong the same club as a team.

Not so much.

If true team dynamics were that common then sports viewership would plunge and the Navy Seals wouldn’t be so extraordinary.

In fact the popularity of sports, even fantasy sports, is an indicator of how much we crave ‘team’ AND how deficient our society is of it.

The core ingredient is leadership intention.  The best organizations have it and the rest are sorely lacking.

And when it’s lacking we resort to ‘management’ – getting people to do what they wouldn’t and aren’t naturally doing voluntarily.

How are team dynamics in your life?

Why not start your own and do it right?


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