Do you fit in or fit out?

“Socialization” keeps coming up as a concern regarding homeschooling.

Socialization means to take on the norms of the group, not to learn communication skills.

Socialization (taking on the norms of 'other school children' is arguably the #1 reason to school our children at home.  “I’ve seen the village and I don’t want them raising our daughters!”

Starting at a shockingly early age, school children begin succumbing to the pressure to ‘fit in’.  To wear what the cool kids wear, to have the latest toys, to vie for popularity at the expense of others, etc.

Advocates for this kind of socialization often argue, “hey, that’s life, kids need to learn how to deal with it!”

Yes and no.

Yes, that IS life, that is the reality that many CHOOSE to live.  But it’s a choice.  There is rarely a benefit to doing what the ‘Jones’ do.  

In fact, although it can feel like the better, easier path in the short run, conformity leads to anonymity, and anonymity leads to being left out of much higher level experiences personally and professionally.

So NO, children don’t have to learn how to conform in back stabbing gangs.  They can grow up to be adult leaders who contribute who they are to people who share their passion and discipline.

Learning to conform to mediocrity is a very low standard for ‘social skills’.

Leading our children to develop their own identities can be a challenging task, which is why schooling at home is such an important step.

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