Fiero is an Italian word for ‘pride’.  It is considered one of the most primal emotional rushes we humans can experience.

Whenever we triumph over adversity there is a sudden, instinctive urge to throw our arms up over our heads in a “Y” to announce “VICTORY!”.

This is a feeling that is all too rare, and it’s perhaps THE objective of The Vaikido Hero Unschool – to help as many people as possible build lives around who they are and what they are passionate about in ways that enable them to heroically contribute it to others and prosper.

AND experience frequent urges to throw up their arms in a "Y" to celebrate their victories.

Launching our school and beginning our tour is one of many personal fiero moments for my family and me.

And we can’t wait to make it a common sight among our bigger Vaikido family.

Welcome to Vaikido!