Flying Blind

Last Thursday I shared an article I wrote called Flying Blind: What we can’t see isn’t hurting us, it’s killing us.  I’ve been sharing for some time that we have lost touch with the natural cycle and sequence of prosperity.  And I've been continually asking, "Why is it that we've gained so many conveniences, yet paradoxically, we’ve become anxious and less prosperous?"

So I was thrilled with author Sebastian Junger released his latest book, Tribe which supports my point from an unexpected angle.  In Tribe, Sebastian takes a look at the disturbing increase of post traumatic syndrome in returning soldiers, and investigates why many soldiers miss war when they get home. 

What is so missing in ‘civilian’ life that anyone would prefer military life in the Middle East over life in America?

The answers hold the keys to our children’s future success and every parent needs to face them.  Tribe is fast read and I highly recommend it.

If you missed my article you can find it here:

Flying Blind: What we can't see isn't hurting us, it's killing us.