Give it Back

Somehow it became accepted and even fashionable to ‘give back’.

I have some questions about this;

What was taken that must now be given back?

Was the balance of transactions not balanced? 

Did someone take advantage of others and now they must ‘give back’?

There is a message that I find disturbing buried in this now accepted statement.

You don’t have to be concerned about engaging in mutually beneficial transactions in the interim, so long as you, some day give back something.

Contribution in nature doesn’t happen ‘later’, it happens continuously and interdependently.  Everything must contribute to the system all the time. 

There is no “in the interim” pause button where we can suspend our responsibility to each other.

Our school system teaches students to live life “in the interim” to postpone and our business culture celebrates it as well, but this is not the way of the hero, nor the path to prosperity.