Are You Being a Patsy?

I spoke to a Mom recently who was complaining of being "too busy."

"Too Busy", meant - "There are things I need to be doing, important things, but I'm not getting to them because of other things."

Those other less important things were keeping her from the more important things.

Every day she compromises her future and the future of her children in order to avoid the real truth - she'd rather compromise than confront the real culprits.

In her particular case she keeps giving her time to other families by working around their lack of discipline and standards.

"Oh it's not problem, I'll drive your children and my children, AND I'll make them snacks, AND they can play at our house until you show up a hour late (for the 100th time) because you're selfish and undisciplined and I'm not."

Is this happening to you?

Are you giving your best to people who don't have a reciprocal commitment to your family's welfare?

Hey, it's great to help out a friend in need, but if you're not careful you'll find yourself with a lot of 'so-called friends' who are frequently in need.

There is a saying in poker. "If you don't know who the patsy is in the first 30 minutes, you're the patsy."

For the sake of your children's future, defend your family's space.

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