Take The Heropreneur DNA Test

“Everyone talks about the weather, but no-one ever does anything about it” - Mark Twain

The “weather” of the economy, society, and the workplace is changing, big time.  And it’s affecting every aspect of career and life building.  What it took to create a ‘good life’ in the last century isn’t working anymore.  It's not anyone's fault, it's just a natural cycle. 

Those that are committed to living the Next American Dream now, have no choice but to forge their way without a clear path and without the support of the status quo.

The pioneers that are redefining the definition of success and the means for achieving it are what I call HEROpreneurs.

Here’s a quick six-step test to see if you are one.

1.  You Value the Basics

It may seem obvious and it may sound old school, but these basics never go out of style.  And as obvious as they may seem, they’re not common.

Show up on time, over deliver, do what you say, say “please” and “thank you,” and be grateful.  

2. You’re Stubborn 

In a good way of course.  Stand for something Dammit!  And don’t water down your position to be politically correct.  No one remembers people who blend into the crowd.

3. You’re Curious

You make learning a priority.  You listen to useful podcasts when you could be listening to music.  You often read when others are watching TV.  You have a voracious appetite for new perspectives and better ways.

4. You’re Coachable

“Don’t sugar coat it!  You want the truth, so you can get better, like, NOW!  "Show me the video of my speech and help me break it down to get better.  Edit my writing and show me how to make it tighter and sharper.  Tell me where I'm losing my audience so I can connect immediately.”

5 . You’re Passionate 

Your friends know you care. Not just about them, but about people and the world.  You believe that we’re all here to make a contribution.  No, scratch that.  You believe that we are all obligated to be a contribution to others.

6. You’re Disciplined

You regularly do what others won’t so you can experience what other’s can’t.  You’re on a mission, even if you’re not 100% clear on what it is, and you’re willing to do what it takes to make an impact

7.  You're a leader

You gravitate toward creating ways for others to perform at a higher level and steer clear of grievance culture.  Change doesn't happen in the belly of the beast, we don't need more marches, more legislations, programs or funding.  WE NEED LEADERSHIP AND ACTION.  The obstacles to renewed prosperity are not 'out there', they're 'in here'.  The real obstacles we face are fear and limiting beliefs.

If you found yourself answering yes to the questions above, then you’re heropreneur material and we need you!