Heroes Don't Look Like They Used to

In the connection economy we can carve out niches and create rich adult lives that career counselors couldn’t imagine, let alone give words to.

When you look at the best of the emerging examples you will see not only a desire to contribute, but also an imperative to contribute.

The connection economy demands authenticity and integrity not mass, scale and bling.

The business ‘heroes’ of the last economy look more like villains as connection economy transparency pulls back the curtain and reveals their true character.

The emerging heroes of the connection economy, increasingly, ‘look like you do’.

It’s not about super hero revenue, globally recognized brands and financial news coverage.  The new heroism is a return to the old heroism – the heroism that made it possible for our species to exist in the first place.

Interdependent service to our tribes based upon our individual strengths and talents.