Heroic Unschooling Part 3

Heroic Unschooling Founding Family Members, The McCunes

Heroic Unschooling Founding Family Members, The McCunes

If you’ve been following my last few posts then you know the four most important life skills our children must begin learning immediately, if not sooner.

And you know that we call the process of learning these four skills, Heroic Unschooling.

Today I’m going to share the third and final step; The Heroic Family Unschooling Experience.

I’m just going to get straight to the point.

If your family Heroically Unschools together, BIG changes are going to happen.

You’re all going to learn to get along a LOT better.  Your marriage will improve, your children will get along better, and you will become a much better family leader.

This will unite your family in ways that very few people ever experience.

At the same time, your children will be developing the 4 most important life skills.  If they started at age 6 and heroically unschooled until they were 18, they would complete 144 increasingly more meaningful projects.  That’s 144 repetitions of learning to define and declare meaningful projects.  144 repetitions of learning to finish what they start. And over 4,000 days of practice learning to observe, learn, package, and transact.

I challenge you to find a college graduate with that kind of practice.  I would put a practiced heroic unschooler against any college graduate.

Your children won’t just be waaaay more professionally prepared, they will be waaaay more prepared PERIOD.

They will be more mature, more confident, and they will be equipped to make much, much better choices than their peers.

They will have the keys to life long success that most middle age adults still haven’t, and may never find.

Tim Ferriss, author of the Four Hour Work Week, likes to find life hacks.  Approaches that will produce 80% of the benefit with only 20% of the effort.  He looks for what he calls the minimum effective dose.

One area he has applied this approach to is learning a language.  Remember french or spanish in high school or college?  Did you ever get conversational?  Are you still conversational now?

It turns out that about 300 words will get you really far with most popular languages.  For example, Tim eclipsed the grammatical ability of 4 and 5 year students of Japanese within 2 months of study.

As a very experienced entrepreneur, CEO, and student of life.  I can say with complete confidence that we waaaay overcomplicate life and education.  There aren’t millions of things we must learn and get good at, just 4.

By the time they’re a teenager, your child will be able to eclipse the quality of life of adults many decades senior using heroic unschooling.

If I could do my education over, heroic unschooling is what I would do.  If I had heroically unschooled, I seriously doubt that I would have gone to college, and am certain that I would have skipped business school.

That would have given me 6 years of my life that could have been better spent + $428,000 (at 2016 tuition rates).

This is not hyperbole.

You can learn more about this process by downloading You Are Your Child's Hero and Their Hope. And you can register right here.