Hilarious, but Not Funny

This video is hilarious, but sugar actually isn’t.

It’s an addictive drug that is ruining our health, and I don’t just mean obvious visual obesity and diabetes.

I’m talking every day, everyone, everywhere.

Sugar, like all drugs, is 100% guaranteed to change your mental state.  And unlike drugs it’s cheap and can be found in nearly everything.

This week, notice how few retail stores don’t have sugar at the check out stand.  Hardware – sugar.  Office supplies – sugar.  Gas station – sugar.  School, office, and rest stops – sugar. 

It’s so pervasive that it’s easy to become complacent about it.

But sugar dramatically affects the moods, behavior, development, and more of our children not to mention adults.

This video is also nearly 100% guaranteed to change your mental state and it’s free.   I hope that it may be one of the straws that eventually leads to a serious change in sugar intake for you.

John Oliver video https://youtu.be/MepXBJjsNxs