His Children Said WHAT At Dinner?!

Check out this text from one of our Founding Family Members, former Marine, Joshua McCune.

“Man, it’s 8:45 PM and we just got up from our 6:30 dinner.  The kids are NON STOP about their dragons and trying to figure out how they interact with the world around them.

I’ve never seen this much excited eagerness from them.

Couple of the best quotes from tonight.

“Daddy, I’m seeing things so differently now…it’s like everything is changing, and it feels good.  Today was a good Day.”  Caleb (10)

“It’s nice to know how I fit, because then I can do what matters, and that means I can help myself and others better.”  Abigail (7)”

When was the LAST time this happened at your dinner table?

This is ‘normal’ at our house, and we love to spread the magic.

Your children have so much more going inside their heads than the school system and most of the world give them credit for.

They ARE ready for the real stuff.

Do your children a HUGE favor and get them started with the Heroic Family Unschooling Experience.

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Toby LaVigne

Chief Pathfinder