Honey, we need to have a talk…

…about our children and the future.

I graduated in 1988 when everyone was saying that the success formula of the past 50 years would be just as relevant for the next 50 years.

But in far less than half that time (25 years), everything we thought was solid has been challenged.

And in only half that amount of time again (12.5 years or 2028) we can expect a similar magnitude of change.

When I was growing up, the year 2000 felt like a science fiction fantasy.  2028 may sound like science fiction, but it’s not.  How quickly did time pass for you between high school and the year 2000?

Am I confusing you with dates?

The point is that it’s foolish to trust that school, college, and jobs will be a reliable path to success in 2026.

To help parents and young adults see ahead more clearly I created a FREE COURSE that you can access here.  No login, no credit card, nothin but click, read, watch.

You owe it to your children to watch this course.

And if you don’t have children or grandchildren then share this course with a friend who does.



Chief Pathfinder @ the Vaikido Hero Unschool

P.S. the application period for the April 2016 class ends April 15th.  The Heroic Family Unschooling Experience is designed specifically as the antidote to what you’re going to learn in the FREE COURSE.  CLICK HERE to watch the course.