Host your own party

Political correctness seems to be coming back with a vengeance.

If only we could all think the same, wear the same Halloween costumes and include everyone at our parties…then the world would be perfect.


People who are unhappy with their own situations often go looking for others to blame it on.  The funny thing (odd, not comical) is that people who aren’t happy are far crueler to themselves than any bigot, snob, or critic could ever be.

People who are unhappy are constantly offending themselves.

The antidote is a common refrain from Mom’s around the world.  “Go find something better to do.”  If ‘they’ didn’t invite you to their party, go host one yourself, on your terms.

The Vaikido Hero Unschool

Unschool – to unhabituate from behaviors, beliefs, and paradigms that prevent prosperity in the connection economy.

Heroic Contribution – An approach to career and business building that builds and attracts a loyal following.