I'm offering a Dream Job, actually 6 of them...


Would you like to be a hero to some up and coming young professional?  Are YOU an up and coming young professional?

I have a HUGE opportunity, actually I’ve got 4-6 of them.

The Vaikido Hero Unschool is hiring 4-6 young professionals for a 3 year PAID training program / “job”.

Compensation is competitive and includes medical insurance.  But even more importantly this “job”, more like an “unjob” really, is an intense combination of marketing and sales work + entrepreneurship education + mentorship + fun.

This is a TEAM opportunity.

Successful candidates will work as a team on site at one of our clients (an established and successful company based in Portland, OR) to revamp and rebuild their marketing and sales program.  At the same time this team will also be trained in our unique Hero Brand framework in order to dramatically increase their market value and career satisfaction.

How to “Apply”

This part is unique as well.

Candidates must attend an information session here in Portland, OR on March 1st.  At this event they will learn more about the opportunity and the selection process.

This is worth traveling for.  Portland is an incredible city to work and live.


Resumes, cover letters and traditional interviews don’t teach us much, so we’re giving candidates a long weekend opportunity to show their stuff via a variety of training exercises.

This intense, weekend long event is free, but its value is priceless.  Even if a candidate doesn’t earn one of the spots, they will still learn an incredible amount and they can position themselves for the NEXT set of opportunities,  so I encourage any and all interested candidates to attend. (btw: CEO’s pay thousands of dollars for this same training.)

Click this link here to get a PDF of the Vaikido Hero Ops Program.

This link goes to a special page where interested candidates can sign up for more information.


As you know, there are a ton of “Millennials” graduating from college etc who are struggling to find decent paying, challenging, satisfying careers.

At the SAME time employers are struggling to deal with a generation that isn’t prepared for a number of the realities of the work world.  See Simon Sinek's fantastic interview response here.

The Vaikido HERO Ops Program is the ANTIDOTE for this impasse.

Please spread the word so that we can make more of these opportunities available!

The soon to be famous Vaikido HERO Ops Program is HERE!