Intel Inside Out

Even with the stern of the Titantic lifting out of the water, most passengers chose to believe that she was unsinkable and lifeboats departed unfilled.

I plan to keep sounding the alarm bell and fighting the good fight even though most parents prefer to believe that the American College Career Dream is unsinkable.

Case in point:  Today Intel, you know, the chip maker....'Intel Inside'...yeah that one.

They just announced that they're laying off 11% of their "global workforce"...that's 12,000 human beings!  For those of you who have, understandably, gone numb to laimstream headlines, "global workforce" refers to some 12,000 sons and daughters, older but more alike your children than not.

Practically all, if not all, of them were college grads who thought they had, 'good jobs'.  Which 'Intel' will they go to next before succumbing to the same fate yet again?

I have reported about the Oxford Research Study on Job Loss here many is a summary.

Almost 47 percent of US jobs could be computerized within one or two decades according to a recent study that attempts to gauge the growing impact of computers on the job market. It isn’t only manual labor jobs that could be affected: The study reveals a trend of computers taking over many cognitive tasks thanks to the availability of big data. It suggests two waves of computerization, with the first substituting computers for people in logistics, transportation, administrative and office support and the second affecting jobs depending on how well engineers crack computing problems associated with human perception, creative and social intelligence.
— Lakshmi Sandhana September 24, 2013

Mom's and Dad's -

It's human nature to avoid uncomfortable issues, but this is about your children!  10 years from now, your adorable, innocent child will have no choice but to offer their services as a global workforce member as the lowest bidder.  Then they'll get to live a life of anxiety wondering when, not if, the workforce will be reduced.

It's time to enact PLAN B - begin NOW by checking out our free NEW ECONOMY course.  1 hour can give you the perspective you need to save your child.

With Love,