Is it Really Good to be King?

Everything that you do either raises or lowers your tribal equity – your reputation for increasing the tribal equity of others.  Tribal equity has a magnetic affect on people.  It’s attractive, inspirational, welcoming, and most importantly it’s voluntary.

You aren’t forced to seek people with tribal equity, you choose to.

Tribal equity is not the same thing as tribal power or tribal authority – the ability to force others to act.

People with the power to accept, deny, hire or fire are powerful only to those who feel that they have no other option other than to win the approval of powerful people.

These ‘kings and queens’ often believe that they have much more tribal equity than they actually do. 

They say that “It’s good to be king”…and many believe that working for the king is a good second place.

The problem is you become occupied with two very real and likely fears; either the king will be dethroned or he’ll have a bad day and dismiss you.

So this leaves two career choices; bow to the crown or build your own tribe.

Keep in mind that the villagers are getting restless, the king is nervous, and the palace is cutting back on staff.