It gets weird over the holidays

Ah the holidays.

I’ve heard that this is the busiest time of year for counselors.

The impending arrival of the holidays means facing truck loads of judgment, criticism, and disapproval from our blood relatives and if you’re extra blessed, from significant others and in-laws.

Here’s what’s really going on.

First, we’re all biologically hardwired to want to be seen as valuable to our tribe – however we define those members to be (and it can be hard to not care about what your family thinks).

Second, we’re all weird.  We all have our interests, our dreams, our projects etc. but very few actually turn their weirdness into a contribution to others and the source of their prosperity.

So let’s put that together.  We want to be us and we want others to accept us.

And here is where it gets interesting over the holidays.  A bunch of people get together with LOTS of historical memories of tribal rejection mixed with a powerful desire to be accepted for their weirdness.

The real ‘fun’ is fueled by the fact that no one can see these dynamics, everyone has an opinion…and a ax to grind.

It’s a stand off.

Everyone wants to be accepted.

No one wants to go all the way with their weirdness.

And no one has empathy for the fact that everyone is dealing with the exact same dynamic.

So we eat, we drink, and we pretend that we’re not pretending.

Just 12 more reasons to claim your identity and forge your own prosperity.

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