How Do You Define Success?

Consider that communities regularly hail business people as ‘successful’ for building large companies, amassing wealth, and making the odd charitable contribution. 

Assuming for a moment that this is success, what title ought we bestow on people who are also financially secure, yet crush many of the so-called captains of industry in comparisons that involve family, health, legacy, and love?

Perhaps the definition of success doesn’t include elements such as family, health, legacy, and love though that does seem odd. 

Dictionary definitions repeat variations of; "the attainment of popularity or profit", and the media repeats this lie to the point of hypnosis.

For heroic unschooling families, championing success without accounting for the total impact on the person, their family, their community and the world at large encourages and makes ‘normal’, short-term thinking, unhealthy compromises, and general unethical behavior.

For entrepreneurial families who see their job as 'redefining success AND the means of achieving it' we give your The Heroic Family Unschooling Experience.

It's not easy, it's not cheap, and it works.

Principles + Training + Community = "Dang! Where was this when I was 7?!

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