Look What Your Child Can Do

It's month end project time here at the Vaikido Hero Unschool.  Time for our students to show off what they have been up to this past month.

Our monthly project challenge is fun and sneeky powerful.  Children don't even know that they are practicing several of the most important life skills every month.

Kind of like putting a dog pill in some hamburg...perhaps the best learning happens when we don't even know we're doing it.

Our children can learn EVERYTHING they need to live a prosperous adult life doing what they love, challenging their minds, and feeling useful.

The paths to finding our passion are infinite, but inside all of us is a desire to make a difference somehow.  

The intention behind our the Heroic Unschooling Experience is to accelerate the time frame of personal discovery such that our children can find and package and prosper from their unique contribution by the time they are 18.

I ran across this example today and thought it was an excellent example of Smart, Useful and Happy in the New Economy.

Check out this video from a crowd funding campaign to build a really interesting vehicle, and share it with your children...they'll love it!

Given the encouragement, some discipline, and time, your child can and will find their contribution just like Skye has.

We call this the path to a 10-year overnight success.

Speaking of which, the application period for our next entering class closes this Sunday.

CLICK HERE to give your children the massive head start they deserve.

Toby LaVigne

Founder and Chief Pathfinder @ The Vaikido Hero Unschool