Man Gives Life’s Savings to…

Happy Sunday

How is your weekend so far?

I recently read an article about an older man who visited a Kindergarten class and offered to donate his life savings to send all of the children to college…in what? 12 + years or so?

This falls under the category of “well intentioned, but too little too late”.

College has already become disturbingly ineffective and irrelevant, let alone 12 years from now.

His money and intention could be invested waaaaay more effectively by focusing on today, not 12 years from today.

NOW is the time to prepare children for the future.

12 years from now most of them will have long forgotten who they were and what matters to them.

By the time they are 13, they need to be already earning a little money each month providing some service to the market that is connected to their unique value and interest (and I don’t mean mowing lawns, baby sitting, or scooping ice cream for spending money).  

And by the time they are 18 they need to have already developed their identity and a means of earning a decent living from it.

“WHAT!?”, you say.  “13 year olds, doing real world work, earning money…18 year olds already locked and loaded with their ‘own jobs’?!

You heard me.

Our children can do this, and they want to do this.  The only reason we question this is because we took about a 100 year vacation from reality.

How do they do it?

One step at a time, one project at a time, learning a little bit each month until they become 10 year overnight successes that defy what the last 100 years of conditioning have taught us to believe is possible.

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Do you want your children to be happy?  REALLY happy?  Do you want to see them thrilled with their own sense of victory?

The Heroic Family Unschooling Experience is exactly what our children need, exactly when they need it…NOW.

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