Oh Noooo….Report card time

Most of us have been taught to work on our weaknesses from a very early age, and unfortunately we take that lesson well into our adult lives.  Think of a typical parentseeing this report card for the first time;

English           A+

Math               B

Chemistry      D

History            A

Geography     B

Most parents would immediately be drawn to the D in Chemistry.  “Hey, what’s going on in Chemistry?!  You better buckle down.” They’d likely say.

Here is the thing.  We all have innate tendencies, talents and strengths.  If Chemistry isn’t yours, then all the work in the world will likely make you average in Chemistry at best.  Average is not going to separate you from the crowd, it’s not going to excite you, and it’s not going to make you remarkable either.

If you want to excel, to stand out, and to have fun doing it, then you need to work from your strengths.  You need to invest more in your strengths and, yes, less in your weaknesses.

Here is a secret; the most remarkable people have unlearned the bad habit of working on weaknesses.  In fact the reason that they became remarkable is because they focused on their interest and honed it to a remarkable edge.  The reason they look like they are having fun, and the reason it looks so effortless is because in some ways it is!

Working from our own place of strength is empowering, it’s energizing, and it’s more fun.  Yes, it’s still hard work, but it’s work that pays off.


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