Paleo MBA

If you’ve spent some time investigating the history of nutritional habits; where our food comes from, how the government decides what we should eat, what doctors know about nutrition etc…


…then you’ve had the experience of wondering -  how in the heck could so many intelligent, supposedly well meaning people lead so many people so far astray?

If you didn’t have any faith in humanity, if you didn’t have some understanding of how group think can happen and evolve you might become prone to some really nasty conspiracy theories.

It’s almost like everything is opposite.  Carbs are bad and fat is good?  Wait, but I thought…

The same phenomenon is going on in the education, career, and business arenas.  Tactics we thought were healthy and good have been disproven, yet like nutrition it will take a while for all of us to catch on and reorient ourselves.

Gallop, the research poll company, recently announced that employee disengagement hasn’t improved despite years of ‘intense effort’.  Sound like weight loss, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or cholesterol to you?


Is it possible that more and more management, school, resume tweaking, faster computers, smart phones etc., can’t move the needle of employee and life engagement? 

Businesses and our society have been stepping on the employee/life disengagement ‘scale’ for 2 decades now and we can’t seem to lose a single pound!

Is it possible that like nutrition, there are some all natural fundamentals of human coordination ‘nutrition’ that we have forgotten?

Maybe it’s time for a Paleo MBA.

The Vaikido Hero Unschool

Unschool – to unhabituate from behaviors, beliefs, and paradigms that prevent prosperity in the connection economy. 

Heroic Contribution – An approach to career and business building that builds and attracts a loyal following.