Scientific Management

Scientific management, also known as 'management, focuses on improving economic efficiency and labor productivity.  It’s the natural place to look for profit gains in a mature system and with commodities.

Our education system is a mature system that aims to produce a homogenous ‘commodity’; reasonably competent and compliant workers capable of being scientifically managed.

And I don’t just mean assembly line ‘hubcap puter oners’.  Scientific management has worked its way all the way to the C-suite.  Everyone who seeks the illusion of employment security under the skirt of mature systems is on camera now – and they’re increasingly miserable and vulnerable.

Fortunately the connection economy gives us options.  We can choose to create entirely new systems that transcend the need for hyper scientific management.

And we can choose to renew them and humanize them to prevent an endless spiral of manipulation and dependence.

A32 / 33 map – creation vs preservation