See if you are Observant?

Heroic Unschooling is built upon the 4 part Vaikido Framework.

If you’ve been following the Heroic Unschooling Journal then you know there are four important life skills our children must begin learning immediately, if not sooner.

And you know that we call the process of learning these four skills, Heroic Unschooling.

Today I’m going to share the first element of the framework: Observation.

For some reason we speak about happiness and prosperity as these mysterious and elusive things.  The truth is that happiness and prosperity are governed by a set of observable and immutable rules.

Imagine trying to play a game without knowing the rules, or the positions, or how to keep score.  Imagine trying to build a rocket without knowing physics.

When children (and adults) don’t figure out how to play the game of life, it makes life a lot harder than it needs to be, and it leaves happiness and prosperity to chance.

70% of the workforce is unhappy with what they do and this affects their health and their families, and eventually their children

So the first part of our framework is to clearly delineate the physics or the immutable rules of happiness and prosperity.

These rules aren’t rocket science, they’ve been in existence since the dawn of humankind.

Tribal cultures taught these principles to their children and they were passed from generation to generation.

This may sound simple, but it is not trivial

We can choose whether we play soccer or baseball, but we all must play the game of life.  But if our children don’t understand exactly how life works, their odds of becoming happy and prosperous drop.

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