Standing Desks, a ‘Step’ in the Right Direction

Urgent bulletin –


This just in – humans weren’t meant to sit all day. 

standing desks.jpg

With the assistance of  “Stand Up Kids, California is allowing children to use stand up desks, which give them some freedom to move, thereby increasing their attention spans, and burning some of the sugar from the federally approved crap they serve in school cafeterias.

Of course Doctor Mackgillicuddy, director of the Center for Studying People Who Live Sedentary Lives and Fill Their Guts With White Bread and Sugar, (S.P.W.L.S.L.A.F.T.G.W.W.B.A.S.) says that, “there isn’t data on the long-term effects of children actually using their legs, but it seems to be working”.

And yes, your taxes help fund research to make sure that standing is actually ok.