The BIGGEST Mistake That Unschoolers Are Making...

I can vividly remember cleaning Miss LaPerle’s chalkboard during 4th grade recess.

What was I muttering under my breath? 

“Some day, when I’m in charge, I’m going to do something about this!”

I was being punished for looking out the window when I was supposed to be watching this boring lady in cat eye glasses.

Looking out into the future is WHAT I DO!  It’s where I go to think about important ideas.  It’s hardwired into me, yet there was no recognition or support for it.  Frankly, it’s what enabled me to be a successful entrepreneur and to found the Vaikido Hero Unschool!

Rescuing our children from an environment that doesn’t or can’t respect and support different learning styles is an important first step.

The web is full of clever quotes and thoughtful articles about how to create an environment of self directed exploration and learning so that children can grow up to become adults with greater self awareness, curiosity, and more.


But that’s not enough.

It just isn’t.

To truly prosper, and I don’t mean just financially, although I mean that too…our children must learn how to harness, package and transact their self awareness.

Lady Gaga knows who she is, but she has also taken great care to sculpt how she presents herself, and she’s obviously doing a great job transacting it.

This kind approach to identity and prosperity is NOT reserved for pop stars.  The EXACT same dynamics are true for our children as well…not to mention families and parents!

In order to ensure that our children leverage their unschooling we must supplement it with explicit training in the development of their identity and how to transact it with others.

And we can’t put this off until ‘they get older’.

The sooner they learn it, the more natural it will become, and the earlier they will reap the benefits.  It is much more difficult to do this ‘later’.

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